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U220 Sharing and Using Filters with Gradebooks

This lesson will guide you through customizing your Gradebook: Filters and Sharing. To review how to use Gradebooks, refer our help manual Gradebooks.

Use this as a guide to facilitate the training in a computer lab. Show the videos before users log in or view one video at at time for users to follow along.

Before You Get Started

  • Sites/District may have particular Gradebook Preferences, Custom Marks, Categories or Grading Scales, to setup Gradebooks properly. Please check with your Illuminate Admin Team or Administrator for details.
  • Your district could have set a school-wide grading scale which cannot be modified. Grading Scales may not be an option for your gradebook.
  • Completion of training or course U200 Getting Started with Gradebook and U210 Customizing Your Gradebook.

Filters and Sharing



Navigation: Grades>My Gradebooks>Select a Gradebook>Filter>Edit Filter.

Filters limit the assignments you are viewing by date range and/or Categories. A good example of utilizing filters is to filter out assignments once a new term has started. This way assignments from the previous term do not show and overall grades are calculated by assignments in the current term only. You can filter by assignments and/or students.

You have four ways to filter the view of assignments:

  • Categories If categories have been created you can choose to only see assignments with the chosen categories
  • Grading Periods Choose one or more grading periods to view assignments from. By default, assignments will display according to grading periods.
  • Terms Allows you to choose a particular term available.

You have two ways to filter the view of students:

  • Student Filter Choose the student set you wish to see in your Gradebook.
  • Grading Period Allows you to save the filter for the grading period selected.

Select Save. To enable Filters, you need to go to Filters > Enable Filters to active your new settings. To turn them "off", go to Filters > Disable Filters.

For more information, visit the Create, Enable, and Disable Filters lesson in our Gradebook Manual.



Navigation: Grades > My Gradebooks > Select Gradebook > Share.

You can share your Gradebook with any user at your site. Some common practices of sharing is for team-teaching, collaboration, intervention support, etc. You will have complete control on who and what users can do with the Gradebook you shared.

  • When shared, the user will only see students that they also have access to based on rostering and visibility. Otherwise the Gradebook is just a shell with assignments. The user would need to select students to the Gradebook.
  • When sharing, make sure to choose carefully how it is shared: Can Edit Scores, Can Edit Assignments, or Can Edit Settings. This will determine what they can do with the Gradebook.
  • If linking Gradebooks to Report Cards, make sure Gradebooks are always shared back to the rostered teacher. Only rostered teachers can link gradebooks to Report Cards.

For more information, visit the Collaborate and Share Gradebooks lesson in our Gradebook Manual.

Additional Resources

Want to expand on Filters for your Gradebook? Check out Getting Ready for Your Next Term lesson in our Gradebook Manual.