Data & AssessmentIlluminate U! U001 IntroductionU000 Welcome to the Illuminate Family!

U000 Welcome to the Illuminate Family!

All of us at Illuminate Education would like to welcome you to our team! We provide one groundbreaking system for all your K-12 data needs. Your gradebook, assessment system, parent portal, attendance, data management, report cards, Special Education system, scheduling, grades, discipline, Medicaid billing, IEP writing, and more… select single modules if you like, but one system really can do it all. 123

Before You Get Started

  • Confirm with your IT/Technology Team if you are able to access VIMEO on site/district computers.

Illuminate Overview

Welcome to Illuminate!

For more information about Illuminate Education, visit our company website:

Additional Resources

Ready to get started as an Illuminator? Visit Illuminate U! U010 Illuminate Basics, Introduction, and Navigation.