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U010 Getting Started with Illuminate

This lesson will guide you through Introducing the Illuminate platform to your users: Log In, Log Out, or Change Your Password, Find Your Way Around, and Contact Support.

Use this as a guide to facilitate the training in a computer lab. Show the videos before users log in or view one video at at time so users can follow along.

Before You Get Started

  • Confirm with your IT/Technology Team of your ability to access VIMEO on site/district computers.
  • Updated internet browsers are preferred and recommended.
  • Verify with your Admin team that all users have an username and password.
  • Confirm your Illuminate website address: [districtname]

Log In, Log Out, or Change Your Password

Log In, Log Out, or Change Your Password

Navigation: Select your Preferred Internet Browser >Type your web address in the web address bar > Enter provided username and password > Select Login.

  • Users with affiliations or access to multiple sites within a district will have an additional drop-down to select and sign into a particular site or overall district.
  • If email addresses are provided in the user's profile, users can reset their own passwords using the "Forget Your Password?" link.

For more information, visit the Log in, Log Out, or Change Your Password lesson in our Introduction Help Manual.

Navigation: Dashboard

  • The navigation pane will display available modules in your site.
  • Users can customize their dashboard to fit their needs by adding, editing, and removing widgets.
  • Widgets display data about students they have the visibility to see.
  • Each widget has its own way or displaying data with various checkboxes and drop-downs to choose from.

For more information, visit the Finding Your Way Around lesson in our Introduction Help Manual.

Navigation: Control Panel> Select> Your preferred email application will open to compose a new message.

Here are some helpful tips to better assist you when contacting Illuminate Support:

  • Provide user information found in your Control Panel such as Name and Username, along with your district name and any additional contact information if we need to contact you
  • Provide the type of internet browser, especially for scanning and online testing assistance.
  • Indicate the area or module your challenge or question may be a part of such as "Assessments" or "Reports", including the title of the specific reports or assessments.
  • Summarize your challenge, question, or suggestion in as much detail as possible, what has been attempted, and if available, screenshots or pictures.
  • Illuminate Support staff can be contacted by phone (Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm) or by email.

For more information, visit the Support lessons in our Introduction Help Manual.

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