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U055 Getting Started with Student Groups

This lesson will guide you through creating Student Groups: Creating and Managing a Student Group and What Can I Do with a Student Group?

Use this as a guide to facilitate the training in a computer lab. Show the videos before users log in or view one video at at time for users to follow along.

Before You Get Started

  • Confirm with your IT/Technology Team if you are able to access VIMEO on site/district computers.
  • Visibility determines which students can be selected and created into a Student Group.

Creating and Managing a Student Group

Navigation: Students > Student Groups > Create Group

  • Best to use when creating a group of students with a single data source
  • Student Groups are created based on current visibility
  • After students have been added, View Student List will show a list of students within the group based on current enrollment
  • Students (6) provides the ability to record enter and exit dates for each student within the group


Use one of the following data sources to create your Student Group:

  1. Grade Levels
  2. Programs, such as GATE, EL
  3. Link to one or more Custom Reports will build the group off of which the report(s) are displaying
  4. Sections will create a link and pull students from the Master Schedule
  5. Add Students is the most popular, adding students based on visibility using Student Select filters.

*Using one or more of the above data sources, does not filter the students to create the group, but combines them. For example, if Grade Level 5 and Program English Learners was selected, all students in grade 5 and all students labeled as English Learners (regardless of grade level) will be in the student group.

For more information, visit the Create a Student Group lesson in our Student Group Help Manual.

Note on Visibility: The Visibility Group option enables the user to have the option in the Control Panel to narrow the display to those students in the selected group in the following areas: Dashboard, Student Search 2.0, and the view of students when in a Custom Report. This option is permission-based.

Change Your Visibility in the Control Panel

Navigation: Control Panel > Students > Select a Student Group > Select Save Changes

  • Visibility is based on rostering for teacher users and by permission for non-teacher users
  • Selecting a student group in the Control Panel changes the visibility on the Dashboard, Student Search tools, and the list of students to view within a Custom Report.
  • Access and visibility to all students is still available in all other areas such as assessments and prebuilt reports.

Using Student Select Filters

Navigation: Wherever Student Select Filters are available, select Student Group > Complete any or all additional criteria > View in Browser or Download

  • Generates report or document for specific students within the student group selected
  • Additional filters if selected will continue to filter by students in the student group

Additional Resources

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