U700 Overview of MTSS/ RTI Tracking

The MTSS/RTI Intervention Tracking module gives Illuminate users (based on permissions) the ability to create MTSS/RTI student programs, add students to these programs, log session data, and report RTI information at the student or program level.  The data captured via the MTSS/RTI Intervention Tracking module is also accessible via custom reporting and can therefore be used to create a more complete academic or behavioral profile for a student.

This lesson will provide you with an overview of the MTSS/RTI Intervention Tracking module.

Use this as a guide to facilitate a hands-on training in which all Illuminate users have access to a computer or other device. Feel free to share these lessons with Illuminate users in preparation for a meeting, guided lesson, or training with the MTSS/RTI Intervention Tracking module.  

Before You Get Started

  • "Student Programs" for intervention and "Intervention Custom Fields" need to be created within Code Management by a member of your Illuminate Admin Team or by users with the role of System Administrator.  The added Student Programs will need to categorized as Program Type - "intervention."
  • The MTSS/RTI Intervention Tracking module and permissions need to be enabled by a member of your Illuminate Admin Team to users who will need to add students to intervention groups, add session logs, or access this module.  Please refer to your Illuminate Admin Team or Implementation Manager for permission details.
  • Refer to the Setup Intervention Tracking (Admin) lesson and Setup Video for more information.



Navigation: Students tab > Under MTSS/RTI select Intervention Tracking

1. Overview displays the Intervention Programs created, Students within the above programs, and accessible Reports by the selected user.

2. List Students provides a list of all students and the intervention groups they are in, by user and by programs selected. By default the logged in user will appear and the filtered list will show All Programs.

  • This is a sortable table by the headers Programs, Student ID, Last Name, First Name, Start Date, End Date, and Status
  • Students can be removed or exited from programs using the check boxes (column on far right) and the drop down menu (scroll to bottom of screen)

3. Add Students allows the user to create an intervention group by selecting a user, program, custom field(s), students and dates for an intervention program.

4. Add Session Logs

  • Single or Multiple Student Entry available
  • Must provide all criteria including Intervention, Log Date, Start and End Time, Intervention Flag Code and Comments in order to Add Session to student(s)

Overview Page

Overview Page

Navigation: Students tab > Under MTSS/RTI select Intervention Tracking

1. User filter

  • View the intervention programs, a list of students within an intervention group, and the reports connected to the selected user.

2. Intervention Programs

  • Select an Intervention Program title to navigate to List Students for that particular group
  • Select the speech bubble icon next to the Intervention Program to navigate to Add Session Logs for multiple student session log entry

3. Students

  • Select a Student ID number to open a separate internet browser tab or window to the Student Profile page
  • Select the speech bubble icon next to a specific student to navigate to Add Session Logs for a single student session log entry

4. Reports

  • A Summary Report provides a summary of intervention tracking information for all students and all intervention programs
  • An Intervention Session List Report provides session information for one selected user and intervention program

Additional Resources

Want more background information about Multi-Tier System of Supports (MTSS) or Response to Intervention (RTI)?  Review the lesson Introduction to Response to Intervention (RTI) or the chapter about RTI Components.

Need ideas about how to take advantage of the MTSS/RTI tools within Illuminate?  Check out our IEUC 2014 Conference presentations: Building Dynamic Class Profiles for RTI2, Supporting MTSS with Illuminate, and Illuminate's RTI Toolbox.