U300 Assessments

This lesson will guide you through our Assessment module! To review the technology needed for scanning, use our help manual Assessments.

Use this as a guide to facilitate the training in a computer lab. Show the videos before users log in or view one video at at time for users to follow along.

Before You Get Started

  • All users will need to be logged into their own Illuminate account
  • GradeCam plugin must be installed to the device expected to scan
  • A document camera connected by USB cord must be plugged into the device to scan answer sheets. A web camera within the device or plugged in may also scan.
  • For Manual Setup assessments, provide or bring a teacher-created assessment to create
  • For Itembank Assessments, users may have enter their email and Illuminate password to Sign Up, then be prompted to Log In with that account to link Illuminate and Itembank (Visit Create an Itembank Account for details)

Assessment Overview

Assessment Overview

Navigation: Assessments > List Assessments > Select an assessment

The Overview page houses a variety of data:

  • Performance data such as Overall and Summary, by Standard, by Question Group, and Response Frequency are available on the Overview page, along with the ability to use Student filters to display data about a specific student set
  • Hover over each performance level to retrieve specific details and student lists

Assessment tabs:

  • Details gives you an overview of what the performance bands are set to for this assessment, what standards it is aligned to, the answer key, question groups, materials, and whom it may be shared to.
  • Setup is where you can edit and update the assessment's Information, select Standards, alignment, question groups, performance bands, sheet designer, attach materials, and share with others
  • Administration is the where student response data can be collected by scanning, enter/edit, import a file, enable online testing, printing answer sheets, and if applicable, pushing the assessment's scores to School Loop or Illuminate's Gradebook
  • Reports provides all the assessment reports available to generate about your assessment, tracking and sorting by your most commonly used reports and also including Custom Reports that may have data from the assessment included
  • A quick and easy Create a Custom Report button is available for users who want to create their own reports and start with this assessment's data and information to get started
  • The Advanced tab provides the author additional tools and features to support your assessment's design

For more information, visit the lesson "Assessment Overview Page" in our Assessments Manual help manual.

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