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U555 Add Participants, Attachments, and Status

For ISI clients only, this lesson will guide you through learning how to Add Participants, Attachments, and Status.

Use this as a guide to facilitate the training in a computer lab. Show the videos before users log in or view one video at at time for users to follow along.

Before You Get Started

  • Only those with the appropriate permissions are able to replicate the activities within this lesson
  • Based on the district's unique needs, fields, programs, and information required for Incident Reports may be different than what is represented on the screen
  • Confirm with your IT/Technology Team if you are able to access VIMEO on site/district computers

Participants, Attachments, and Status

Navigation (Choose one of two options):

A. Continue working on the current incident from Part 1; or

B. Behavior > Search Incidents Report > Select the pencil tool of a report to edit or update.




  • Participant Summary will include a legend will include counts for each role such as Perpetrator (P), Mutual (M), Victim (V), and Witness (W) and summary details
  • Add Participant will consist of three types: Students, Employee, and Other Personnel
  • Students available in the Student Name dropdown is based on visibility
  • After selecting a participant, role, and additional notes, you may Add Participant or Add Another, if other participants need to be added to this incident
  • The Participant Summary page will update and display information entered, providing Actions to Edit or Remove

When selecting Edit to a participant, a Details submenu is provided for revising information. The type of participant determines the available menus. Some menus may include:

  • Details provides additional entry on information such as if Parents/Guardians were contacted, Injury Type and Medical Notes
  • Log Intervention, date, and notes that may apply
  • Victim allows a place to record a statement
  • Violations wil provide a list of violations that can be assigned to the participant
  • Record Consequences dates, type, and even hearing dates when applicable
  • Log Expulsions and hearing status
  • Delete Record will delete permanently all records and information tied to the participant

Always select Save Form to ensure your changes have been saved.

For more information, visit our Behavior Management Help Manual.

Agency Reports

Agency Reports

Agency Reports and Report Status

Three submenus available include Reports, Attachments, and Status

  • Reports provides the ability to record the Report Agency, Report ID, Date (if applicable), Author, and Notes
  • Submit Agency Reports by selecting the agency, report ID, etc.
  • All incident reports are considered the Status of Draft until the Incident has been reviewed by a Supervisor selected and the status has been changed

For more information, visit our Behavior Management Help Manual.

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