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U305 Find, Print, and Scan Assessments

This lesson will guide you through Finding An Assessment, Printing Pre-Slugged and Blank Answer Sheets, and Scanning Student Responses. To review the technology need for scanning, use our help manual Assessments: Scanning.

Use this as a guide to facilitate the training in a computer lab. Show the videos before users log in or view one video at at time for users to follow along.

Before You Get Started

  • All users will need to be logged into their own Illuminate account
  • GradeCam plugin must be installed to the device expected to scan.
  • A document camera connected by USB cord must be plugged into the device to scan answer sheets. A web camera within the device or plugged in may also scan.
  • It is recommended that a completed assessment such as a Benchmark is available and accessible in each users assessment list.

Finding an Assessment

Navigation: Assessments > List Assessments > Select various tags and filters > Select Search > Select the title to enter the assessment.

  • TIP: Select Clear, then Search to refresh the list and see all available assessments before adding additional filters.
  • Author, Year, Grade, Type, Scope, and Sequence are ways that assessments are tagged by the author to help find the assessment more efficiently in your list.
  • You can also use the "Search assessments" bar with keywords or phrases found in the title of the assessment.

For more information, visit Find an Assessment in our Assessments Manual.

Printing Pre-Slugged and Blank Answer Sheets

Navigation: In the Assessments Overview page, scroll down to GradeCam > Select Print Answer Sheets Pre-Slugged; or Administration > Print Answer Sheets or Assessments > Print Blank Answer Sheets.

Pre-Slugged Answer Sheets

  • Contains Student ID bubbled in, Assessment Title, Rostered Teacher Name, and Course
  • When printed from the assessment, the answer sheet will match the answer key exactly to ensure successful scanning

Print Blank Answer Sheets

  • Does not bubble in Student ID, leaving the Student ID blank
  • When printed from the assessment, the answer sheet will match the answer key exactly to ensure successful scanning
  • Best practice for students enrolling the day of the assessment and Student ID is not available and/or student is not in Illuminate
  • Can scan answer sheet at a later time when student is in Illuminate

For more information, visit the Printing Answer Sheets from Within an Assessment in our Assessments: Scanning manual.

Scan Student Responses

*The following video shows scanning from an On the Fly assessment. Scanning procedure are the same once in the scanning window.

There are many ways to enter the scanning window to scan student responses.

In the Assessment List, find the assessment you are looking for > Select the Camera Icon on the far left-hand side of the assessment.

In the Assessments Overview page, you have some options to access the scanning window:

  • At the top of the page, select Administration>Scan.

Scanning Tips and Tricks

  • Scanning Modes available are Teacher Mode (a student list display) and Student Mode (a student specific display for immediate feedback).
  • Top troubleshooting tips for scanning are Reflection/Light, Movement, and Focus. The camera must be able to see the rectangle border, answer choices, answer bubbles, and student ID in order to scan correctly.
  • Use the Settings feature to choose additional cameras, to flip the image, and/or have the camera prompt when blanks/multiples are provided and not allowed according to the answer key.
  • Users can scan and save for any student, but will only see scores for rostered students.
  • IMPORTANT: Always select Step 3 or SAVE AND VIEW RESULTS or results will not save properly to the assessment.
  • Once responses have been saved, users have instant access to all Assessment Reports.

For more information, visit the Scanning Troubleshooting in our Assessments: Scanning manual.

Additional Resources

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