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U205 Getting Started with Points-Based Gradebook

This lesson will guide you through explaining the basics of getting started with Gradebook: Creating a Points-Based Gradebook, Adding and Managing Assignments, and Entering Scores. To review how to use Gradebooks, refer our help manual Gradebooks.

Use this as a guide to facilitate the training in a computer lab. Show the videos before users log in or view one video at at time for users to follow along.

Before You Get Started

  • Grading Periods must be created prior to training.
  • Gradebook permissions need to be enabled by a member of your Illuminate Admin Team to users using Gradebook. Please refer to your Illuminate Admin Team or Implementation Manager for permission details.
  • It is best practice to be creating and using an Illuminate Gradebook that meets your site or districts grading policies, practices, and if using Report Cards, supports the outcome of the Report Card

Creating a Points-Based Gradebook

Navigation: Gradebook > My Gradebooks > Create a New Gradebook > Select Points-Based > Next

  • Each gradebook needs a Gradebook Title (1) Talk with users about the District or Site-Preferred naming convention for Gradebooks. For example, Elementary-based Gradebooks typically are titled by Subject similar to what is on the Report Card - Reading, Writing, Mathematics, etc. Secondary-based Gradebooks typically area titled by Period or Course and Course Name, also similar to what is on the Report Card - Period 1 ENG 11, Period 6 ENG 09, etc.
  • Manage Students and select the Classes/Sections (2) to be part of the Gradebook. Gradebooks do not need to be recreated each grading period, unless the section or group of students changes.
  • Add Students Not Scheduled to You (3) is an optional feature where a teacher can add students not rostered to them and be part of the gradebook student list.
  • Select Save (4) to save changes or Cancel (5) to stop and not save changes.
  • Continue creating gradebooks using the above navigation, also known as My Gradebooks.

For more information, visit the Create, Modify, or Delete Points-Based Gradebooks lesson in our Gradebook Manual.

Adding and Managing Assignments

Adding Assignments

Adding Assignments

Navigation: Grades>My Gradebooks>Select a Gradebook>Assignments>Add Assignments

When adding an assignment to a gradebook there are a few required fields such as:

  • Short name or Assignment Name
  • Assignment Date
  • Section of students the assignments are assigned to (which is defaulted to the section or class or assigned to the Gradebook)
  • Possible Points for the assignment
  • Category (only If enabled in Setup>Preferences) need to be selected to place the assignment in a weighted group

Optional features when adding an assignment to a gradebook may include:

  • Description to further elaborate on the assignment
  • Tags to help organize assignments using unweighted labels
  • Due Date to have the entered points take effect at a certain date
  • Assessment link from a particular piece or portion of an existing assessment in Illuminate
  • Possible Score, for Points-Based Gradebooks only, to inflate a score
  • Extra Credit to make an assignment extra credit
  • Is Active will allow to make the assignment not count towards the students overall grade
  • Link to Report Card, if using Illuminate Report Cards, can have the assignment scores generate in a particular area to the students report card
  • Also Save This To will allow for assignment duplication to other gradebooks
  • Link Standards, for Points Based Gradebooks only, allow to link appropriate standard(s) to the assignment
  • Attach File allows to attach documents and materials that can be seen in the portal for students and parents if the assignment is active

Managing Assignments

Managing Assignments allows you to see a list view of all assignments within the selected Gradebook:

  • Select the assignment Title (1) to enter and edit the assignment details
  • The assessment title will display, if the assignment is linked to an Assessment (2)
  • If categories have been created and assigned to assignments, the Category (3) is noted here
  • Quickly view Tags (4) if created and assigned to assignments
  • View the assignment's Description (5) or information about the assignment
  • Review the Assignment Date (6) and Due Date (7)
  • Max Points (8) will display the total number of points possible, while Max Score (9) displays the maximum score a student can earned if different than Max Points
  • Active (10) as Yes or No reflects if enabled to be seen on the portal for students and parents
  • Select the number under RC & Standards Links (11) to review Report Card and Standard links when applicable
  • Duplicate (12) to copy an assignment quickly, or click the Checkbox (12) to mass select multiple assignments
  • Search (13) for assignments using keywords or phrases
  • Various Print Options (14) are available to download or generate a printable assignment list

For more information, visit Create, Modify, and Delete an Assignment in our Gradebook Manual.

Entering Scores

There are three different views to enter scores from within a selected gradebook:

Spreadsheet View

Spreadsheet View

  • This view is the default view when visiting a gradebook
  • Traditional view similar to a spreadsheet with a student list on the left and assignments on the right
  • Enter points (default), score, percentage, or custom mark directly into the assignment for each student
  • Roll the mouse over the assignment title to view a menu for more tools: to edit, fill-down, delete, or duplicate the assignment
  • By default, entered scores are auto-saved
  • Both the Class' Overall Mark and each Assignment's Overall Mark are display at the bottom of the view

For more information, visit the Enter Assignment Grades Using the Spreadsheet View lesson in our Gradebook Manual.

Student View

Student List View

  • Displays the list of students on the left and select a student to see all assignments for that student selected
  • Enter points (default), scores, custom mark and/or notes for the student's assignments
  • Can quickly mark if an assignment is excused
  • Student's Overall Category Mark Summary and Progress displays at the bottom of the assignment list
  • The Class' Overall Mark Distribution (Student Count) appears under the student list
  • An additional Call Log/Notes is available to track communicate privately or publicly (on the portal)

For more information, visit the Enter Assignment Grades Using the Student List View lesson in our Gradebook Manual.

Assignment View

Assignment List View

  • Displays the list of assignments on the left and when selected, a student list is displayed on the right
  • Enter points (default), custom mark, and/or notes students in that particular assignment
  • Can quickly mark if an assignment is excused
  • Fill-down entry option is available for points, custom mark, or notes for all, blanks only, or excused only entries
  • The Class' Mark Distribution Count displays at the bottom of the selected assignment

For more information, visit the Enter Assignment Grades Using the Assignment List View lesson in our Gradebook Manual.

Additional Resources

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