U311 Skills Assessments

This lesson will guide you through What is a Skills Assessment?, Creating a Skills Assessment, and Administering a Skills Assessment.

Use this as a guide to facilitate the training in a computer lab. Show the videos before users log in or view one video at a time so users can follow along.

Before You Get Started

  • All users will need to be logged into their own Illuminate account.
  • To create a Skills Assessment, a user should have an idea or materials related to what they want to assess the student on individually.
  • Don't have an assessment, but want to access some that are already built and ready? Check out Assessments We Already Built for You and look for Skills Assessments such as BPST, DRA, etc. You can request that these be installed.

What is a Skills Assessment?

Creating a Skills Assessment

Navigation from Tile Dashboard: Select Create a New Assessment tile > Select Skills Assessment > Select Okay

To create a Skills Assessment:

  • Required in order to create the assessment are Title, Academic Year, Subject Area, Scope, and Grade Levels. A Description is optional, but helpful.
  • Add Questions or Prompts the student will read on the screen.
  • Use Directions or instructions for the administrator giving the assessment.
  • Optional to add Question Groups, to group together items that are similar for more exciting data anaylsis.
  • Manage Questions allows you to edit or remove prompts, or even add another question by selecting Add Question.
  • The Overview page will instantly display results as they are saved and recorded.

For more information, visit Create, Edit or Delete a Skills Assessment in our Skills Assessments help manual.

Administering a Skills Assessment

Navigation: Assessments > List Assessments > Find and Select the desired Skills Assessment

To adminster a Skills Assessment:

  • Select Test to begin administeration.
  • Based on performance, select Correct or Incorrect - You can also select the keyboard shortcut 1 (for Correct) and 2 (for Incorrect) instead of clicking the buttons.
  • Skip items when necessary by selecting Next.
  • Go back to items when necessary by selecting Previous.
  • Notes both internal or anecdotal and/or to Parents/Students which will generate on available prebuilt reports.
  • Once an attempt is made, the administrator can either Start Full Assessment (giving the ability to record multiple attempts for the whole assessment) or Start From Previous (giving the ability to record a new attempt for just the incorrect items/prompts).
  • The Overview page will instantly display results as they are saved and recorded.

For more information, visit Administer a Skills Assessment in our Skills Assessments help manual.

Additional Resources

Need more information on Skills Assessments? Take a look at the Skills Assessments Help Manual!

Ready to learn all about Skills Assessment Reports? Check out U311 Skills Assessments.