Key Data Systems (KDS) Website Resources

This lesson provides information on accessing the Key Data Systems prospective client website. Click here for more information and materials on Key Data Systems INSPECT!

Where to Start

Where to Start

To get started learning more about Key Data Systems, please visit

1. Select Client Log-in.

Client Log-In

Client Log-In

2. Provide the following username and password:

  • Username: Inspectinfo
  • Password: 10042016Change!

*Please do not change this password as this information is shared.

3. Select Log In.

Visiting the Secure Library

Visiting the Secure Library

4. Select the School Year of information you wish to view.

5. Report Selection provides various collections of documents and materials available according to the school year selected above.

  • INSPECT Information
  • INSPECT Testing Information
  • INSPECT Samples
  • INSPECT Marketing Materials

6. Within the document list, you have options to View and Download the available documents.

7. Select various or all checkboxes of documents to customize a downloadable zipfile. Once downloaded, you can click on the zipfile to open a folder with all of the KDS documentation you selected.

Next Steps

If you are interested in enabling KDS for your district, please contact your Implementation Manager.

If you already have KDS enabled, and need assessments shared out to you, please contact your Implementation Manager.