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Key Data Systems (KDS) INSPECT Overview and Webinars

This lesson provides a series of archived webinars hosted by the Key Data Systems team about the INSPECT itembank, Key Data System assessments, and using Illuminate prebuilt assessment reports to assist in data-driven instruction.

Before You Get Started

  • Confirm with your IT/Technology Team if you are able to access VIMEO on site/district computers.
  • Webinars can be for all audiences however clients using Key Data Systems INSPECT will be able to access the itembank and assessments are presented in the webinar
  • If interested in adding Key Data Systems INSPECT itembank and assessments to your account, please contact your Implementation Manager, or Sales Team at

All About Key Data Systems INSPECT

Currently, INSPECT has over 37,000 items written for the CCSS, along with almost 400 Lexile-measured passages. Items are written following the same item specifications used by SBAC. Hundreds of new, innovative items are added each month.  

Current Item Counts

  • Mathematics:  Over 20,000 items spanning grades K-12. Items are written to CCSS standards with DOK, Revised Blooms, SBAC Claims, SBAC Targets, and Standards for Mathematical Practice alignments provided to users during test creation, reporting, and filtering.
  • English Language Arts (Reading, Writing, Listening, and Research): Over 14,000 items spanning grades K-12. Items are written to CCSS standards, with DOK, Revised Blooms, SBAC Claims, SBAC Target alignments provided to users during test creation, reporting, and filtering.  INSPECT also includes items written to History/Social Studies and Science and Technical subjects literacy standards.
  • Science:  Approximately 8,500 items for grades 4 through high school aligned to state standards (97’s). Science items written to older state standards cannot adequately be aligned to the NGSS, as some item banks are aligning.  Thus, a new, NGSS item bank is under-development.
  • History/Social Studies:  Close to 6,000 items for grade 5 through High School aligned to state standards (‘97s)

Current Item Types

INSPECT includes all item types used by SBAC and is the only item bank with all item types supported in Illuminate’s DnA.

INSPECT Assessment Suite

INSPECT Assessment Suite

In addition to the item bank, over 200 pre-built assessments are all included with INSPECT® at no additional charge:

INSPECT® Summative Assessments

  • Grades 3-11 (ELA and Math)

INSPECT® Interim Formatives/Benchmarks

  • Sequential: orange, green, pink
  • Grades K-11 (ELA and Math)
  • Spanish Grades 3-6 (ELA and Math)

INSPECT® Performance Tasks (3 sets)

  • Grades 3-8 and 11 (ELA and Math)

INSPECT® Checkpoints

  • Grades 3-8 (ELA and Math)

INSPECT® MS Acceleration Test

Visit our resource INSPECT Assessments 16-17 for details.

Key Data Systems and Science (NGSS) Support

Key Data Systems and Science (NGSS) Support

Below is a message from Key Data Systems about the NGSS timeline and support:

"Currently everyone is in the “Awareness Phase” according to the NGSS timeline released by Schools Moving Up and WestEd. During this period, the NGSS CA Science Framework is in early development, and is to be expected to be completed January 2016. The implementation phase (involving assessment) is not set to begin until 2016-2017. This is when assessments, curricula, and teacher development will fully set in. While the California Science Teachers Association was projecting that the new assessments would be conducted in spring 2016, they noted that this was just a projection, and not guaranteed. We actually learned recently that the tests will be not be operational until 2019, so we are a little ways off.

There has not been an assessment consortium identified to create the NGSS assessments. I am attaching the timeline that was just approved at the November 13-14, 2014 State Board meeting. I think this presents a good visual for where we are with NGSS as a state. We plan on following this timeline moving forward as well.

We are keeping a close watch on any developments and after the resources become available, INSPECT will begin to develop an NGSS item bank. We want to be sure that the item bank we develop is fully reflective of the NGSS, so we do not yet have a projected date in which this will be available. We are in the process of making performance-type assessments for NGSS, but I cannot give a definitive answer on when we will be done and we cannot guarantee they will be reflective of what the new assessments will look like, given the very limited information on anything related to NGSS assessments and frameworks that have not been completed."

If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact Key Data Systems via email at

Key Data Systems Webinar Series

Key Data Systems has conducted a webinar series to highlight and share their Itembank and Assessment Solution for our Illuminators!

Click HERE to find previously recorded KDS webinars!

Click HERE to find upcoming sessions for KDS webinars!

Power of Inspect® Interim Formative Assessments

Description: Many districts use benchmark or interim assessments; however, these assessments need to be reliable and aligned to a specific instructional scope and sequence. Often, districts develop or contract for custom assessment development to meet this need, but with Inspect® there is no need. Your district already has access to set of pre‐built Interim Formative Assessments (IFA) that can be modified to fit your district’s specific. With customization, the IFAs will directly reflect instruction allowing for valid results that can be used in the classroom to make data-driven decisions.  Learn the intentionality behind the original pacing and assessment development and how the IFAs can be a powerful tool in your district.

Illuminate Resource - KDS Assessment List 16-17 and How do I find assessments?

Using Assessment to Inform Instruction and Increase Student Learning: 2016-2017 High Rigor Assessment

Description: As you begin analysis and preparation for 2016-2017, learn how a formative assessment solution can integrate the rigor and expectations of College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS) to provide educators the ability to quickly target and impact instruction.  Through sharing industry-leading assessment practices and an overview of Inspect®, Dr. Shannon Wells will provide you with a unique opportunity to:

• Vet your current formative assessment approach to support CCRS

• Glean ideas for potential adjustments for 2016-2017 to quickly inform instruction

• Evaluate Inspect® ‘s industry-leading combination of item rigor, innovation, and integrity

Illuminate Resource - Assessment Report Abstracts and Illuminate U! Assessment Video Tutorials

Using Inspect® Throughout the Year to Inform Instruction and Increase Student Learning

Description: The Inspect® comprehensive solution can be used to monitor student progress throughout the year. This webinar will focus on utilizing all the pieces of the assessment tools to provide districts with a year-long comprehensive assessment solution.

lluminate Resource - Reporting Options and Illuminate U! Growth and Trends

Analysis of the Achievement Gap with Online vs Paper-Pencil Assessment Administration

Description: Dr. Shannon Wells, psychometrician and CEO with Inspect® will discuss the results of a study that examined how various student background characteristics (ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status, etc.) were associated with the administration format of online versus paper-pencil administration for Inspect® summative and formative assessments. The results contribute to the body of research on online assessment administration and go a step further by disaggregating by student demographics. This research reinforces the need to understand the performance gaps on different administration modalities by demographic characteristics. The results of the analysis as well as the implications for both classroom instruction and assessment practice will be discussed.

Illuminate Resource - Online Testing Manual and Illuminate U! Online Testing Video Tutorials

Learn Data-Driven Instruction

Description: Learn how to use research-based principles to understand and gain actionable information from your formative assessment data. We will identify key reports that are must-haves when evaluating your formative assessment data. We will also introduce a metacognitive instructional strategy that can be used as part of your formative assessment process.

Illuminate Resource - Assessment Report Abstracts and Illuminate U! Assessment Video Tutorials

Assessment Interpretation and Prediction Using Custom Cut-points

Description: Because Inspect® items and assessments have higher levels of rigor, cognitive complexity, and difficulty than assessments of the past, it is important to understand what your results mean in relation to progress towards success on your state’s high-stakes tests.

The most accurate way to do this is to use cut-points aligned to your state’s high-stakes tests for your district-level assessments. Dr. Shannon Wells, CEO with Inspect®, will discuss opportunities for educators to use customized score ranges to quickly identify students in need of targeted instruction and intervention to improve student achievement.

Illuminate Resource - How do I customize cutpoints (performance bands) for assessments?

Next Steps

Feel free to contact your Implementation Manager if you are interested in learning more about Key Data Systems.