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Setup Behavior Form Letters

This lesson will guide you through setting up form letters for Behavior Management violations.

1. Click on the Behavior tab.

2. Select Manage Form Letters.

3. At the top of the page, select New Form Letter.

4. Give your Form Letter a name.

5. Click Save.

6. On this screen, choose the PDF template of the letter you wish to use.

7. Select Save.

Customizing your Form Letter

Customizing your Form Letter

1. Once uploaded, your letter template will populate here.

2. Drag and Drop any demographic fields you want on your letter in the specific place that you want them.

3. This is a summary of the fields you have used. To delete any, select the checkbox next to the field and select 'Delete Selected Fields' from the drop down menu at the bottom to delete. Click Ok.

4. Toolbar- These tools help with alignment of fields, etc.

5. Click Save when complete.

Edit a Form Letter

Edit a Form Letter

To edit the basic information select the pencil icon. To edit the template select the paper icon. To delete the letter, select the trash can icon.