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Create a Minor Incident Report

This lesson will direct you through the process of creating a Minor Incident Report in Illuminate. A Minor Incident Report is single student specific and cannot be tied to multiple students. NOTE: This is a permission-based feature AND will only work if the district Illuminate system admin has designated short descriptions as "minor incidents."

Note: Admins- Consequences will show up as not defined and will not let users pick any until you have set up Minor Consequences in Code Management. Navigation: Gear > Code Management > Behavior Consequences, once defining your consequence, set "Is Major?" to No/False to make it a Minor Consequence.

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Click on the Behavior tab.

2. Select Create Minor Incident Report.

Create a Minor Incident Report

Create a Minor Incident Report

1. Select the Incident Date and Time.

2. Select the School Site (if you have access to more than one).

3. Select the location of the incident.

4. Choose a Short Description from the dropdown menu. This is the basic description of what happened. For example, "Cheating/Forgery/Lying."

Note to Admins: For short Descriptions to populate in this dropdown, they must be set in Code Management-Behavior Incident Descriptions as 'Is Major?' NO/FALSE.  Please contact your district system admin if codes need to be updated.

5. Type in a detailed description of the incident, i.e. "Student cheated on his quiz by looking at another student's paper."

6. Choose the Student Name(s) from the dropdown menu.

Note: If you would like only one incident report linking all students involved for this incident, select the checkbox next to 'Create a single incident report and group all participants?'. However, this means that these cannot be separated later to be modified or escalated for a single student. If this checkbox is NOT selected, the system will create separate reports for each student involved.

7. Select any Consequences.

8. Referred By- this will automatically populate with your name.

9. Select a Report Status- Draft, Complete, etc.

10. Click Create Minor Incident Report.

Once created, you can access a list of all major/minor incident reports via Behavior > List Incident Reports

Next Steps

Next Steps

Can a Minor Incident be turned into a Major Incident?

Yes. If the permission "Behavior Management Minor Incident Convert" is enabled, you can do this by editing the minor incident and clicking the "Convert to Major Incident" link in the sub-navigation. This requires that the user select a new Short Description that is considered Major.