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Behavior Intervention Configuration

This lesson will show you how to add additional Behavior Intervention Configurations.

Note:  For ISE Clients three behavior intervention configurations have already been added to your site.

First Steps

First Steps

1.  Click Behavior Module.

2.  Click Intervention Configuration.

1. Select Add to create a new Behavior Intervention Configuration.

1.  Select the Site.

2.  Select the Behavior Consequence.

3.  Select the Behavior Intervention(s).

4.  Type in the minimum number of days in order for the Behavior Interventions to be required.

5.  Select Yes if this it to be limited to special education students.

6.  Select No if the Behavior Intervention will be required once or "No" if there is not a limit.

7.  Click Submit.

The new Intervention Configuration has been added to the list.

1.  Click to View the Intervention Configuration.

2.  Click to Edit the Intervention Configuartion.

3.  Click to Erase the Intervention Configuration.