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Behavior Intervention Checklist

This lesson is intended as a guide for how to view the Behavior Intervention Checklist.  Please note that you will need to be in a District in order to view the Intervention Checklists.

Where to Start

Where to Start

After opening a student's record (see the "Find a Student" lesson in the "Students" manual for help):

1. Click the Behavior tab near the top of your screen.

2. Under General, click Intervention Checklist.

Example of Intervention Checklist

1.  Shows the Intervention(s) Required when the Major/Minor Referral was completed.

2.  Status show were the in the process is the Intervention(s).

3.  Criteria shows what consequence/discipline occurred.

4.  In order to make changes to the Intervention Checklist click on pencil to Edit Incident.

Edit the Interventions

1. Click on Participants.

Select Participant

Select Participant

1.  Locate the student.

2.  Click on the pencil to edit Interventions.

Select Intervention

1.  Under Details click on Interventions.

Add Intervention

1.  Click on Intervention.

2.  Select the Intervention from the list.

Add Intervention Date and Notes

1.  Select date Intervention was provided.

2.  Add comments in Intervention Notes.

3.  Click on Add Intervention.

Add Interventions as Appropriate Until Complete

1.  Continue to add Interventions as needed.

1.  After all of the required interventions from the Behavior Intervention Checklist have been completed the Status will show complete.