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Incomplete Behavior Intervention Widget

Incomplete Behavior Intervention Widgets- What data does each display?

The Illuminate Dashboard houses a variety of widgets for customization of the data a user wants to see upon login. Below is a short description of each widget, along with the features you can use within that widget.

All widgets that have an Adobe symbol in them allow you to print this single, specific snapshot of information for the student versus printing the whole profile.

ADMINISTRATORS: Widgets can be turned off, contact your Implementation Manager to discuss which widgets you would like your District utilizing.

Incomplete Behavior Intervention Widget

The Incomplete Behavior Intervention Widget allows a user to see any interventions tagged to a behavior incident that have not been completed for a student.

Note: Link to Intervention checklist for a student is only provided for incident supervisor with access to the district site where the incident was filed.  

The Behavior Intervention Configuration must be set up in order to use the widget. To learn how to set up the Behavior Intervention Configuration go to:

Click on the Pencil Icon to begin adding Interventions for the Student.

1.  Click Participants.

Select Participant

1. Click pencil icon edit Interventions.

Select Interventions

1.  Under Details click on Interventions.

Add Intervention

1.  Click on Intervention.

2.  Select the Intervention from the list.

Add Intervention Date and Notes

Add Intervention Date and Notes

1.  Select date Intervention was provided.

2.  Add comments in Intervention Notes.

3.  Click on Add Intervention.

Add Interventions as Appropriate Until Complete

Add Interventions as Appropriate Until Complete

1.  Continue to add Interventions as needed.

1.  After all of the required interventions from the Behavior Intervention Checklist have been completed the Status will show complete.