Behavior FAQ

Q. Why do I need to fill out both an Assigned Duration and a Served Duration for each consequence?

A. If Served Duration is left blank it will be assumed to be the same as Assigned Duration.  You only need to fill out Served Duration if it is something different than was assigned.

Q.  How did Illuminate determine the default "Typical School Day Duration" ?

A.  We used the average number of hours in a school day as determined by the National Center for for Education Statistics.

Q.  What if our district would like to use a different Typical School Day Duration than the one that is set?

A.  The district Illuminate system administrator can update the default value in code management.

Q.  What if each site has a different Typical School Day Duration?

A.  If this is the case then the code table will need to be managed at the site level for EACH site.

Q. As a DNA Only Client, can I use the Behavior module?

A. Absolutely! As a Data and Assessment client, you are able to access and use the Minor Incidents feature and available reports within the Behavior module. Keep in mind, based on state reporting requirements, Major Incidents may need to continue to be maintained and reported in your current Student Information System. Reach out to your Implementation Manager for details and additional questions.