Using Standard Collections

This lesson will guide you through the process of using Standard Collections in Illuminate. Standard Collections provide a quick and easy way for users to see a family or group of standards to choose from, as opposed to selecting standards from an entire standard set. For example, a user created and shared a collection called 'Grade 3 ELA Trimester 1' that houses all standards to be focused on in Trimester 1 for Third Grade in English Language Arts. When selected in an assessment only the standards in that collection will appear to choose from.

Where to Start

Navigation: Select Assessments > Choose one of the following:

A. Create a New Assessment > Select Manual Setup>Input the number of questions on your test > Click Okay; Enter and confirm Information details > Select Okay > or

B. List Assessments >Find and select a previously made assessment > then Select Standards > Select the Standard Collections dropdown

Once created, you will be prompted to Find and link standardsto the assessment:

1. To use a Standard Collection, use the Choose A Standard Collection drop down menu.


2. Select the Standard Collection you would like to link to the assessment.

3. Click Search.

4. Select any of the standards from your collection to link to the test.

5. Click Link Selected Standards.

Once linked, the standards will show up under Already Linked Standards.  You may also remove standards at this point by selecting the Remove checkbox and clicking Remove Selected Standards.

Next Steps

For more information on creating assessments or linking standards please refer to other lessons in the the Assessment Help Manual.