Add Student Filters

This lesson will guide you through the setup of overall Student Filters for assessments. Student filters can be used for multiple reasons, like how to show if your entire class finished an assessment or setting the filters for the MDTP.

Where to Start

Where to Start

Start in your Assessment Overview (Assessments > List Assessments > Click Title)

1. Select the Advanced tab.

2. Click Student Filters.

Adding a Student Filter

Adding a Student Filter

To add a Student Filter, select + Add Filter.

1. Enter the criteria for your Student Filter (i.e. What students do you want to see?), you can select any combination of filters you wish.

2. When you are ready, select Add (This will add the filter, and keep you on this page) or Save & Return (To be taken back to the filters list page).

NOTE for MDTP Assessments- For Department, choose Math, this will work if students only have 1 Math course. If students are enrolled in multiple math courses, the exact courses needs to be identified for each test. If the district has not linked departments and courses, then the district will need to select individual math courses for each MDTP assessment.

Once added, you will see the filter and the criteria you set on the Student Filters list page. To delete the filter, click the Delete check box and then Submit.