Assessment Details Page

This is an overview of the Assessment Details page. This page essentially provides you with a general summary of the structure and content of the assessment without having to go through it entirely. This is especially useful if the assessment was shared to you by another user as it displays performance bands, answer key, standards aligned, materials, etc.

The page starts by giving you the basics of the assessment: Who created it, how many questions are on it, the scope, subject area, if its going to show in the parent portal, if its an Itembank test, etc.

Below that, you will see Administrations, which will list all online testing rosters attached to this assessment. Note you can also Scan Responses, Import Responses, Enter Results and Print Answer Sheets directly from this page.

Next, you will see Questions, which shows the amount of questions, an answer key, points possible for each and the standard it is tied to.

Then, you will see any Question Groups and/or Standards that are tied to the test. (Note if there are not standards, question groups, etc. a message will display stating as such.). You can also add standards directly from this page by clicking Add Standards.

Following that, you will see Performance Band information, colors, Mastery and their minimum % correct.

At the bottom you will see any Materials tied to the test (You can also Upload materials here) along with a Sharing section to see who else this is shared with.

NOTE: You will only see "Manage Performance Bands/Questions/Sharing/etc." if you are the author of the assessment.