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Create and Manage Assessment Question Groups

Use this feature if your assessment is aligned to standards but you would also like to associate questions with particular groups. For example, you could create a "Review" group for the first 20 questions and then create a "Field Test" group for the remaining 5 questions in order to analyze results for standards you have taught and separately analyze results for standards you have not yet covered.  

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Click Assessments.

2. Under General, click List Assessments. Once on the list, click on the title of the test you would like to edit.

If you are not already on the Assessment Setup tab, click on Setup, then Question Groups.

Label Groups

Click Add from Itembank (1) if question are from the Itembank, and you want to generate Question Groups based on item attributes.

You can also create your own group. Click + Add Question Group (2) to add your own grouping. Provide a label (3) for the group, then click Save (4). Repeat these steps to create as many groups as you desire.

You can also add Question Groups in mass by clicking on the green + Add Question Groups button (5). Type in your groups separated by a comma, then select Add Question Groups (6).

To Delete a group, click on the trash can icon.

Link Questions to Groups

Link Questions to Groups

Click on the 0 in the Questions column (or any other number if you want to change how questions & groups are linked) OR click the Align button OR click Setup > Question Groups Alignment.

Adding Question Groups from an Itembank Assessment

Adding Question Groups from an Itembank Assessment

Follow the same general steps as above to get to the Assessment Overview Advanced tab.

1. Once in Advanced > Question Groups, click Add from Itembank.

Checkmark any question to link it to your question group. If you change your mind, you can always click to uncheck it. After you have linked your questions, click Save.

2. Select the question groups you wish to add to this test by clicking Add, to skip question groups, click Skip (Illuminate will default to skip).

3. Click Add Question Groups.

Your question groups will be populated for editing, and you will receive the message, "Itembank assessment question groups successfully added."

Click Save to save the information/labels as is.

Next Steps

You may advance to the Share tab. See the "Share with Others" lesson for more details.  Also note that you can upload any assessment (e.g., a copy of the test) or assessment materials (e.g., uniform study guides, PLC notes, pre-test lesson plans, data-proven review activities, etc.) with just a couple of clicks. See the "Add an Attachment to an Assessment" lesson for more details.