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Import Student Response Data to an Assessment

You can always import a data file to any assessment created by you or created by someone who has specifically given you "Can Edit" permission for the assessment. Use the Assessment Administration tab's Import Student Responses from a File option to upload your data file. This lesson will show you how.

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Click Assessments.

2. Under General, click List Assessments. Once on the list, click on the title of the test you would like to edit.

Side Note: File Layout

Side Note: File Layout

In DnA, you can import student response data into an assessment using a file that contains their answers and their student ID numbers. Your file needs to be in one of these formats:

- Comma Delimited

- Tab Delimited

- Semicolon Delimited

- Colon Delimited

Keep in mind that you can typically turn another file type (such as Excel/.xls) into one of these formats (such as Tab Delimited) by opening the file, clicking File, selecting Save As, and selecting the new file format from the Save As Type drop down menu. Just be sure you widen your columns sufficiently in the initial file so that none of your data "jumps columns" during the transfer. Also, your file must contain one column with Student ID data.

Click the Administration tab, and then Import.

Upload File

Upload File

Now you are ready to upload your file.

Select Comma, Tab, Semicolon, or Colon (1) as your file delimiter. Click Choose File (2), then Upload (3).

Your file columns need to line up with your assessment questions/items appropriately. Designate one of your file columns as the Student ID column, and then select one column of response data (typically for Question 1) as the First Student Response Column.

After making sure that your columns are paired appropriately, click Import.

Note: If you see nonsensical content in your column drop down menu, chances are you accidentally uploaded the wrong file type.

You should now see the above message. If not, revisit the steps of this lesson.

Duplicate Records

Q: What happens if a student has multiple records? For example, what if a student ID is listed twice on the same file, but with different data?

A: The same student can only have one set of answers for an assessment. Thus, if you accidentally upload a file that features the same student ID multiple times (but with different response data), the last record on the file will be added, overriding any previous records (for example, data on row 23 for Student ID #499086 will override data on row 12 for Student ID #499086).

Next Steps

Next Steps

Any time you want to view your assessment data, merely open it and do either of the following:

- Click the Overview tab to view any of the dynamic, data-filled reports.

- Click Reports to view in depth data and responses.

See the "Find an Assessment" lesson for more details on locating your assessment.