Add an Attachment to an Assessment

You can attach virtually any file to an assessment. Anyone with which you've shared the assessment will be able to download the attachment by visiting the assessment's Overview tab. Some attachments you might want to consider are:

- the assessment itself that gets handed out to students (e.g., typed up in Microsoft Word)

- a uniform study guide that all assessment users use (so you don't run into the problem of a teacher distributing a copy of the test with answers for students to memorize, as some people do not understand that this reduces even high level questions to mere memorization, engaging the lowest/Knowledge level of Bloom's Taxonomy of critical thinking skills and resulting in extremely low retention of that knowledge)

- PLC notes made after the assessment for use the following year (e.g., "We need to use manipulatives when teaching fractions, because students struggled with questions where they needed to understand the concept of fractions as opposed to just the formulas" or "Most students missed the question that used the word 'aspect' even though they showed mastery of the same standard on other questions, and we want to keep the word on the test because it is important academic vocabulary, so we need to use the term 'aspect' frequently in the classroom - with support - before and after the assessment to make it part of students' vocabulary")

- lessons, assignments, and review activities that data indicate worked well (e.g., Teacher A's English Learner students performed just as well as his English Only students on the assessment's fractions questions, so we're uploading an attachment detailing the "Fraction Card Game" he uses with visual image cards and vocabulary support)

- reteach activities and tools (e.g., lessons to use for specific needs that the assessment report identify, or a sheet showing students where to get help on particular standards based on which questions they missed)

- a photograph of your bulletin board set-up leading up to the assessment

- Response to Intervention (RTI) grouping notes tied to the assessment so that you know which room number to send students to, based on performance, the day after the assessment.

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Click Assessments.

2. Under General, click List Assessments. Once on the list, click on the title of the test you would like to edit.

3. Click the Setup tab and select Materials.

Upload an Attachment

Upload an Attachment

Materials- This is where all of your uploaded materials (as you may upload many) will ultimately be housed.

1. Click Upload.

2. Drag and drop the materials you would like to attach into the box.

3. Click Attach.

1. You can now download the attachment anytime by clicking on the checkbox next to its title, then selecting the download button at the top of the page.

2. Note that you can continue to upload additional files if needed.

3. You can also click on the Trash Can to delete the materials.

Next Steps

Next Steps

You may advance to the Share tab. See the "Share with Others" lesson for more details.