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Linking an Assessment to a Points Based Gradebook

This lesson will guide you through how to directly link an assessment given in Illuminate to your Illuminate Gradebook.


Q: What are the benefits of linking an assessment to a GradeBook?

A:  Automatically syncs student scores and changes to student scores from an assessment to GradeBook (no more having to push multiple times).  You can also create assignments by the Overall Score, Standard Score or Question Group score.  This ensures accurate averages and grade reporting.

Q: Can I change a student's assessment score after I have linked it to my GradeBook?

A: You cannot change scores for the assessment from the GradeBook, only from the Student Responses tab in the Assessment Overview. If an assessment score is changed, it will automatically update in your GradeBook.

Q: If I've linked an assessment to my GradeBook will I be able to modify that assignment at all (Points, Score, Due Date, Active/Inactive, etc.). What if I accidentally mis-entered information?

A: Not at this time.  You will need to make sure that when linking that all GradeBook assignment information is entered accurately.  If you mis-entered information you will have to delete the assignment entirely, breaking the link from your assessment to your GradeBook and then re-link them, following the same process outlined below.

Q: Will I ever be able to edit assignment scores or  information after I've linked an assessment to GradeBook?

A: Yes.  You are able to break the link between a GradeBook assignment and assessment which will allow you to then modify assessment scores/information in the GradeBook.

Q: Can I adjust the category of an assessment once I have linked it to my gradebook?

A: After you link an assessment to a gradebook, you can click on Assignments > Manage Assignments and adjust the category.

Q:  If I modify a students assessment responses will the new student score automatically show up in the linked GradeBook assignment?

A: Yes.

Q: If a student takes the assessment after I've already linked it to my GradeBook will their score automatically show up in GradeBook?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I link an assessment to an already created assignment?

A: No.  You must create a new assignment when linking.  If you plan on linking assessments to GradeBook assignments do not create the assignment in the GradeBook.  Create it using the link page.

Q: My GradeBook will be linked to a Standards-Based Report Card.  If I push the overall score from an assessment to my GradeBook will Illuminate know later on how to separate out the by standard scores to each area on the report card and not just give the same overall score to each standard?

A: No.  If you need individual standard scores on your report card you will want to link an assessment to your GradeBook by standard.  This will ensure the most accurate by standard average on the report card.  Keep in mind that you can also bring over the overall score if you wish.  Lastly,  assessments themselves can now be linked to report cards without having to link them to a GradeBook and Illuminate will know how to average the standard scores correctly.  This will need to be setup by your district.

Where to start-Linking from the Assessment

1. Click on Assessments

2. List Assessments

3. Click on the Title of the assessment. This will get you to the Assessment Overview.

4. From the Assessment Overview, click on the Administration tab.

5. Click Link to GradeBook.

Selecting your GradeBook and What to Link

Selecting your GradeBook and What to Link

6. What GradeBook are you linking to? Select which of your gradebooks you would like to link this assessment to via the drop down menu. If more than one class period has taken the assessment, you will need to link each class individually.

7. What do you want to link? You may link the overall assessment score, standard scores, and/or question group scores.

Create a New Assignment

Create a New Assignment

8. Create a new assignment- You will create individual assignments for the assessment overall score, and/or standard scores, and/or question group scores. This screenshot depicts an assignment using the overall score from an assessment (see below for one depicting an assignment created for a standard).

- Total Score- The total score you would like to give this assignment (Total Points reflects what was set when you built the assessment for reference). Your Total Points and Total Score should match unless you are doing weighted scoring.

8. continued- Create a New Assignment- for a standard- Same as above, other than you are creating an assignment for a particular standard. This is useful if your site is using standards based Report Cards.

9. Create and link Assignments- The assignments will be created in your gradebook and you will be taken back to the original linking page (What GradeBook are you linking to?) automatically.

    Go back and select a new GradeBook and Links- This will take you back to the original linking page (What GradeBook are you linking to?), without creating the linking assignments.

You will see a green banner across your page stating, "You have successfully linked: Title of exam & assignment" You will also see a blue 'linked' box next to all of the assessment/standards/question groups now linked in your gradebook. If you click on the 'linked' box it will take you immediately to the assignment in your gradebook.

Where to Start- Linking from your GradeBook (Add Assignment)

Where to Start- Linking from your GradeBook (Add Assignment)

Access your GradeBook (GradeBook > GradeBook List > Click Title of GradeBook).

1. Click on Assignments.

2. Select Add Assignment.

3. Give your assignment a name.

4. Select an Assign Date.

5. Chose an Assessment from the dropdown menu.

Note that once an Assessment is chosen, some new options populate:

6. What do you want to link? Overall score, etc.

7. Display Points or Performance Bands? Would you like to show this assignment in points or in performance bands. (If the assessment performance bands are different from the performance bands you use in your Gradebook, this option will not work.)

8. Possible Points/Score are automatically populated by the assessment information.

9. Once finished, click Save at the bottom of the page. All students scores will populate in the assignment automatically.