Find an Assessment (NEW)

Any assessments you create and any assessments that are shared with you can be easily found, filtered, and listed.

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Click Assessments.

2. Under General, click List Assessments.

View Your List

You will now see all your assessments (i.e., assessments you created and assessments others have shared with you) listed on your screen. Note some things can may choose to do:

1. Click any assessments title to open/access it.

2. This checkbox allows you to edit, delete, share and un-share assessments in mass via the dropdown menu at the very bottom of the page.  

3. Click the up (˄) or down (˅) arrows next to any column header to sort assessments by that criteria in ascending or descending order.

4. Click a download icon to download your assessment list as a Microsoft Excel workbook (xls), Adobe Reader (pdf), text document, or data (xml) file.

5. If you want to only list assessments that contain a particular word or phrase, type it in the Search field. Note, the system will find partial words. For example, typing "Eng" into the search bar will find all assessments with "Eng" in the title, like "English 10 Quiz" or "Eng 12 Benchmark".

*If you want to change the number of assessments listed on your screen at once (e.g., if you have access to a lot of assessments), use the Show drop-down menu at the bottom of the page to select a different number.

6. From the sidebar you can also access different lists of assessments based on ones you created, favorites, recent, or shared to you (as well as a list of assessments that have been deleted, which disappear from this list after 90 days).

7. Click on Actions to Administer, Preview, Scan, View Results, Share, Duplicate and Delete. (More information on this below!)

8. To create a new assessment, you can click the green New button.

Filter Your List

You may opt to use no, one, or multiple filters to easily find the assessment you are looking for (particularly if you have a long list of assessments).

1. Click on More Filters in the Search bar.

2. Simply click any checkbox next to the desired descriptors of your assessment. For example, you could select "Assessment" and "English Language Arts" if you wanted to find English Language Arts assessments. To deselect any criterion, simply click the checkbox again so that it is no longer checked.

3. After all your desired criteria is selected, click Search. To clear filters, select Reset.

4. Notice how the list at the bottom on your screen has now narrowed to only feature assessments that fit the criteria you selected. You will see your selected filters at the top of the page. These will stay selected until you remove them.

Show All Assessments

If you decide you want to see all of your assessments again, click the X next to each descriptor OR click the More Filters menu again and click Reset > Search.

Actions: Administer, Preview, Scan, View Results, Share, Duplicate and Delete

The Actions menu allows you do take a variety of actions with a particular assessment:

Administer-This takes you to the Assessment Details page where you can print answer sheets, set up online testing rosters and more!

Preview- If this is an online assessment, you can see a preview of it.

Scan- This takes you straight to the scanning screen to capture student assessment data.

View Results- This takes you directly to the View Responses page. From there you can view student response data, enter/edit scores manually and more!

Share- This takes you to our Share with Others feature. You can share the assessment with other educators by individual, grade level, site, etc.

Duplicate- This allows you to create a copy of the assessment which you can then alter as you see fit without affecting the original.

Delete- This allows you to delete the assessment.

Next Steps

If you are still having trouble locating an assessment, the lesson Having Trouble Finding an Assessment may be a good resource or see Illuminate U's lesson: U305 Find, Print, and Scan Assessments