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Editing, Duplicating, or Deleting an Assessment (NEW)

You can always edit or delete an assessment if the "Can Edit" permission has been given to you. Check with the assessment creator if you are unsure as to whether or not you have this permission.

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Click Assessments.

2. Under General, click List Assessments.

3. Click on the title of the assessment. This will take you to the assessment details page.

Edit an Assessment

Click on whichever tab will lead to the type of changes you want to make:

Setup - Click here to change the title, description, and filters for the assessment. Filters can be used to locate the assessment when searching the Assessment List. Here you can also select standards you will use to link questions to standards, provide the correct answer for each question on your assessment, change the answer sheet, change the permissions of those with access to your assessment, to share the assessment, align question groups, or add materials to the assessment.

Administration- Click here to print answer sheets, scan, enter/edit responses, setup online testing administration, or import answers.

Reports- Click here to see all reports related to this assessment.

Advanced - This is for less common changes, such as assigning questions to groups (e.g., if you want to analyze results for standards already taught versus those standards not yet taught) or adjusting performance bands (e.g., changing the score required to earn a particular proficiency level, or changing the name of the proficiency level).

Duplicate an Assessment

On the List of Assessments, click the Actions button and then Duplicate to make a copy of the assessment.

Delete an Assessment: Option 1

Delete an Assessment: Option 1

1. Click check box to the left of any assessment you wish to permanently delete.

2. At the very bottom of your list of assessments, find the drop down menu that says, 'Edit', change it to 'Delete'. Press Submit.

Delete an Assessment: Option 2

Delete an Assessment: Option 2

1. Click on the Actions button.

2. Select Delete.

Delete an Assessment: Option 3

Delete an Assessment: Option 3

1. From the Assessment Overview page, click on the Advanced tab.

2. Select Delete Assessment.

3. You must double confirm you want to delete the assessment by clicking both 'Yes' checkboxes.

4. If you're sure, press Delete Assessment.