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Create, Edit or Delete a Skills Assessment

This lesson will guide you through the process of creating a Skills Assessment. Skills Assessments are an easy way for teachers to assess student’s recognition of numbers, short words, letters, etc. The teacher sets up a series of questions (or “prompts”) and then assesses the student and records the results in real time.

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Click on the Assessments tab.

2. Under General, select Create a New Assessment.

3. Select Skills Assessment from the menu.

4. Click Okay.

Creating a New Skills Assessment

Creating a New Skills Assessment

1. Input/Select all required test information: Title, Academic Year, Subject Area, Scope, Grade Levels. Inputting a Description is optional.

3. Click Create.

Once you've clicked Create, you will land on the Assessment Details page. Once questions are added, etc. there will be a variety of details here for you to see/access.

Adding Questions

Adding Questions

1. Begin by adding your questions. Click add one here or Manage Questions > + Add Question.

1. Input your prompt, this is what the student will see. For example, input A if the student will need to identify A aloud.


  • Supports testing Words, Letters, Sounds
  • No support for images (yet)
  • No support for image library
  • No custom fonts
  • No math facts currently.

2. Input directions on how to assess the question. For example, "What letter is this?" this will display at the bottom of the screen for students, and can also be read aloud by teachers. This is optional.

3. Question Groups- You may use group questions for reporting purposes, but it is not required.

4. Click Create. If you would like to create this question and immediately create another, click on the checkbox next to "Create Another" before clicking create. This will refresh the screen to allow you to immediately continue creating questions.

Once you've created all the questions you wish, you will see a list of them on the Manage Questions page.

1. To access a question for editing, click on the question itself.

2. To delete a question, click the Trash Can to the right of the question.

3. Note you can add more questions by clicking, + Add Question at the top of the page.

Add Materials

Add Materials

1. On the Assessment Details page, click Manage Materials.

2. To add materials, click the green Upload button.

3. Drag/Drop any file(s) you wish to attach to this assessment to upload.

4. Click Done.

Once added, all materials will be listed on the Manage Materials page.

5. To view the material, click on the title.

6. To delete, click on the Trash Can icon to the right of the material.

1. On the Assessment Details page, click Manage Sharing.

1. Select who you would like to share with, i.e. user, grade level, site, etc.

2. Give users the ability to- By default users can View and Download the assessment, you may also give them the ability to Administer and Edit the assessment (Note: If you give users the ability to edit, their changes will be reflected for all users with access to the assessment).

3. Click Share.

4. All users the assessment is shared to, and the abilities given to them will be displayed at the top of the page.

Linked Assessments

Linked Assessments

Linked Assessments allows you to easily access other skills assessments that are related to the assessment you're in.

1. Select the Skills Assessment(s) you would like to link by clicking in the box, a drop down menu will populate with assessments you can chose to link.

2. Click Link.

Custom Reports

There are some prebuilt reports to use to analyze data from your Skills Assessment, but you can also easily create a Custom Report. On the Assessment Details page, click + Custom Report to begin.

1. The title will populate automatically as the assessment titile, but you can edit as you see fit.

2. You can also chose to add this data to an existing report.

3. Report Columns- Select what data you wish to see on your Custom Report by clicking the checkboxes next to the data.

4. Click Submit. You will get a green success message at the top of the page.

The report will display under Custom Reports and under the Reports tab at the top of the page. Click on the title to access it.

Advanced Features

Advanced Features

The Advanced tab allows you to view when the assessment was created/last updated, access Meta Data (once administered), view total number of student assessments as well as score the entire assessment.

Edit a Skills Assessment

Edit a Skills Assessment

If there are any parts of the assessment you'd like to edit, simply click on "Manage __________" on the Assessment Details page.

Delete the Skills Assessment

You can delete the assessment in two ways:

1. From the List Assessments page, click on the checkbox next to the title of the assessment you wish to delete, choose Delete Assessment from the dropdown at the bottom of the page, and click Submit.

2. Click on the Advanced tab (once within the assessment) and click the red Delete Assessment button.

Next Steps

To view the help document on Administering a Skills Assessment, click here.