Protected Features

This lesson will guide you through the use of an advanced assessment feature called Protected Features. This allows the author of an assessment to protect specific aspects of a single assessment from being modified by users that the assessment is shared with.

How is this different from Lock Assessment?

Protected Features allows you to customize what features on an assessment are only available to certain users for a single assessment, while Lock Assessment allows you to customize access to features for all assessments globally within your district.

Can I use both Protected Features and Lock Assessment on an assessment?

If you have any Protected Features on an assessment, you cannot use Lock Assessment, and vice versa, because the functionality works differently. It is an either or situation currently.

Where to Start

Where to Start

Click on Assessments > List Assessments > Select the title of your assessment.

Protecting Features

Protecting Features

1. Click on the Advanced tab at the top of the page.

2. Select Protected Features.

3. Click on + New Feature to add a new Protected Feature.

4. Click on the dropdown labelled "Choose a feature to protect" to see your options and make your selection.

5. Next, you're going to select the users you wish to have the ability to perform whatever feature you've selected, all other users with access to the assessment will NOT be able to do it.

Only you- If you chose to 'Only you' in the situation seen above, this means that literally only you will be able to 'Modify the answer key'. NOTE: If you chose 'Only you' literally only you can do it. It doesn’t matter if users were given the ability to 'Can View & Download/Can Administer/Can Edit' via the sharing page.

Custom...-Will allow you to chose others you wish to have access to the feature.

Copy permissions from another protected feature...- Will allow you to copy over users whom you've already chosen to have access to another feature on this assessment.

6. If you've chosen Custom..., Use the add people box to search through users to give access to this feature to. Start typing the user's name and a list will populate.

7. When finished with your access selections, click Update.

When finished, you will receive a success message at the top of your page and your Protected Feature(s) will display in a list. If you wish to delete a Protected Feature, click on the Trash Can icon next to it.