Adding Fluence Assessments

If your district is utilizing Fluence assessments, you can view and work with all of your Fluence assessments within the system (e.g., list the assessments, print PDFs and answer sheets, administer the assessment, scan results, etc.). This lesson will provide the steps to do so.

Where to Start

Before visiting the Illuminate site, create assessments in Amplify. Contact if you require support.

Once your Fluence assessments are created and published, log into Illuminate.

Click on the Assessments tab (1) and under Amplify, click Import Fluence Assessments into Illuminate (2).

Note: If you don't see the Amplify option, it means you don't have access to it. Contact your District Illuminate Administrator for access.

1 of 2 things will happen:

  • If you have not yet authenticated with Fluence, you will be sent to the Fluence website (keep reading).
  • If you already authenticated with Fluence, you will be taken to a list of available Fluence assessments from which you can choose to import (skip to "Assessment List" near the bottom of this lesson).

If You Are Sent to the Amplify Website

If You Are Sent to the Amplify Website

Enter your Fluence username and password, and then click Login.

Click Yes, I want to share my assessments. You are now finished "pushing" the assessments to the Illuminate system (after which point they will be available on your list of assessments in Illuminate).

Note: Quick Checks are shared separately, select them from the dropdown to "push" them to Illuminate (after which point they will be available on your list of assessments in Illuminate).

If not redirected to Illuminate and a list of available Fluence assessments you may import, log into Illuminate.

Assessment List

Assessment List

From the list of available Fluence assessments, click the title of the assessment you wish to import.

If not automatically redirected to your Assessment List, click Assessments (1), go to General, and click List Assessments (2).

You will see your complete list of available assessments, including the newly imported one(s). Click on the title of your newly-imported assessment.

Next Steps

Next Steps

You may now do any of the following:

*Materials do NOT carry over when sharing an Amplify test.

No one else may access the Fluence assessments until you've shared the tests with them. See the "Share with Others" lesson or the "Share Multiple Assessments Simultaneously" lesson for help sharing.


If you are not the author of a Fluence assessment and you wish to make edits (or allow others to), you must duplicate the test and then share it.

However, if the admin is signed in as themselves and sync/link their personal (gpatal) Amplify account, then they are the author of the assessment. But if the admin (gpatal) is signed into Illuminate as (TestAdmin), then sync/link their personal intel assess (gpatal), then they can't be the author. In conclusion, admins have to be the same user for both Illuminate and Fluence. Having a TestAdmin account is a way to have a "user" on file that will always be the owner of assessments, as opposed to a person "user".