Multiple Assessment Importer

This lesson will guide you through the use of the Multiple Assessment Importer, which is usually used for districts that use high speed scanners or Opt scan machines. It allows you to import multiple assessments in one .csv file to be imported into an Illuminate assessment already created. Basically, the point of this is to load all of the assessment data in at once (instead of opening each individual assessment).

Where to Start

Where to Start

You must have the Manual assessments already created- Assessments > Create a New Assessment > Manual Assessment-Input Question Number > Input info > Save. You must have the local assessment ID listed when you create the assessment.

Once you have all of the assessments scanned using the high speed scanner, take the .csv or .txt file and import it into Illuminate. The .csv file needs to have the fields shown below.

Importing Multiple Assessments

Importing Multiple Assessments

1. Click on the Assessments tab.

2. Under General, select Multiple Assessment Importer.

3. Select your file delimiter.

4. Choose your assessment file.

5. Click Upload.

Before you import a few fields are required, any not marked with a red asterisk are optional.

6. Choose the Local Assessment ID column.

7. Choose the Student ID column.

8. Select the First Student Response Column.

9. Select if you would like to Update existing student assessments or Add new student assessments.

10. Press Import.

Once the file is imported, you can open the assessments and see all of the data.