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Administer a Skills Assessment

This lesson will guide you through the process of administering a Skills Assessment within Illuminate.

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Click on the Assessments tab.

2. Under General, select List Assessments.

If you're using the old List Assessments page:

1. Click on Skills Assessments under Types and click Search to narrow down your list.

2. Click on the assessment title to access it.

If you're using the new List Assessments page:

1. You can narrow your search by clicking More Filters > Skills Assessments to narrow your search.

2. Click on the title of the assessment to access it.

Administering the Assessment

Administering the Assessment

1. Click on + Test Students on the Assessment Details page.

A list with your rostered students will populate.

2. You can narrow down this list by clicking Filter Students > Selecting your filters > Filter.

3. Click on Test under Actions to begin assessing that student or the Arrow to Test Specific Questions.

If you're testing specific questions

If you're testing specific questions

1. Click on the checkbox next to the letter or word you wish to assess OR

2. Click on the Question Group at the top of the page to select all questions in that group.

3. Press Test Selected Questions.

Administering the exam

Administering the exam

You will see the test title, student name and ID on the assessment page. You can Exit at any time by clicking the Exit button at the top of the page.

1. Click Start to begin the test.

The item count and directions display at the bottom of the page.

2. At the very bottom, you can mark a question Correct/Incorrect and or navigate to Previous/Next questions.

Note: The testing interface includes keyboard shortcuts:

  • -> arrow = next item
  • <- arrow = previous item
  • 1 = mark correct
  • 2 = mark incorrect

Clicking Review allows you to save current progress on a test if you are interrupted and need to return to it later.

6. Optional- You can add Notes to the assessment.

7. Optional- You can add a comment for a parent which will display on reports.

8. Click Finish to mark the test as complete.

Note: Skills assessments supports multiple administrations, and you can re-assess a student based on his/her previous attempt.

Once you finish with a student, you will see their correct/incorrect/skipped questions.

9. From here you have the ability to select the next student to assess. Click the student's name from the dropdown menu.

10. Click Next to begin that student's assessment.

Deleting a Student Response from a Skills Assessment

Deleting a Student Response from a Skills Assessment

1. From the test Details page, select Test Students. Then click on the # under Total Attempts.

2. Click on Remove Attempt.

3. Select Remove.

You will receive a success message at the top of the page.