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Changing the Assessment Author (Admin)

This lesson will show an administrator how to change the author of an assessment. This allows that person complete access to editing, sharing, and all functions of the assessment and becoming the primary author of the assessment. You must be the author to pass on the authorship of an assessment.

Where to Start

Where to Start

Once in the assessment overview (List Assessments > Click the title of the assessment):

1. Click on the Advanced tab.

2. Select Change Assessment Author.

Are you sure about this?

Are you sure about this?

1. Type in the user's name that you would like to be the author of this assessment.

2. Agree to the change of author. Make sure you understand this cannot be undone.

3. Click Change the Author.

You will be redirected to the List Assessments page and receive the notification, 'Changing assessments author was successful on the top of your screen. The new author of Title of Assessment is User.' The assessment will need to be shared back to the author in order to view, administer, or continue to edit the assessment.

Next Steps

Visit our Assessment help manual for more information on managing assessments as a System Admin.