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Add or Remove Students from a Student Group

Student Groups allow you to classify students by any category of your choosing so you can share access to those students with other users and/or view the site and its reports through the lens of that group. For example, you might want to assign students to an "After School Tutoring" student group based on participation, assign Special Ed. students to a case carrier based on selected students or Special Ed. classification, assign students to a "Struggling Students" student group based on test scores, assign students by name and/or section to a teacher who has a job share with another teacher and her roster, etc.... since you can design any student group label, the possibilities are endless. You can then share that student group with other users and give them "visibility" permissions so they can opt to log in under the student group to gain access to the students within (as well as their test scores, etc.) when viewing particular reports (e.g., Student Profile Report, custom report, etc.). Meanwhile, you can also give yourself "visibility" to log in under your student group (for the same reasons).

This lesson will show you how to add or remove students from a student group.

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Click Students.

2. Under the General section, select Student Groups.

Open Student Group

Click a student group's title to open/access it (reference the "Find a Student Group" lesson if you need help locating it).

View Student Group Details

View Student Group Details

You are now on the student group's Summary tab. Here you will say how students have been added to the student group so far (e.g., in the example above, students were added student by student as opposed to by grade level, program, report, or section). Note you can also click View Student List to see a concise list of all the students in your student group.

Pick a Way to Add or Delete Students

You may add students in any of the following ways, and you may remove students in any of these ways if that was how they were added (e.g., in the previous step, the example student group only had students added by student name):

1. Grade Levels (e.g., add all 7th graders to the student group; administrators can opt to create such a group and share it with users they want to then use to create student groups from students within that particular grade),

2. Programs (e.g., students with 504 plans, GATE, McKinney Vento, etc.),

3. Reports (e.g., you can create a custom report ahead of time which you've filtered to only include students with particular test scores, demographics, etc., and then use that report to populate your student group),

4. Sections (e.g., by enrollment/period),

5. Students (e.g. removing students or adding start/end dates),

6. Add Students (e.g. add students by name from a list)

Note you may also use a combination of these approaches. Simply click a category, select grades/programs/reports/sections/students within that category, and then click the Update button on that screen.

Example: Delete a Student

Example: Delete a Student

For example, if students were added via the Students tab, you may click that tab and then click the Remove check box next to the name of a student you wish to delete. Click Save Changes.

When prompted if you are sure you want to do this, click Yes.

Example: Add a Student

Example: Add a Student

1. Select a Site.

2. Select an Enrollment/Roster Date.

3. Click Find Students. *The rest of the filters shown are optional and are found by clicking the Additional Filters button.

4. Once you have clicked Find Students, a list of students matching your search criteria will populate. Select the student(s) you wish to add by clicking in the Select check box. You can also select all students on this page by clicking All.

5. Click Add Students.

Once added, you will receive the confirmation message seen in green above. You will also see a list of students currently in this group. To add additional students, click on the Add Students tab again.

Next Steps

Next Steps

You might be interested in other lessons in the Student Groups manual, such as the "Share with Others" lesson.