Modifying Columns with Performance Bands

This lesson shows how to apply performance bands in your data columns. This will allow for displaying performance band color-coding and/or performance labels within the data or as a new column of data in a custom report.

Where to Start

This lesson assumes you are working on a custom report. See the "Create a Custom Report" lesson if you require help.

Modify Performance Bands

If assessment data is included in your custom report, visit (1) Manage Columns.

For assessment data columns, you will see an additional drop-down menu for (2) Performance Bands. Select the performance band to apply to the results within this report. This will only effect the display of the report and never the original data tied to the assessment.

If desired, you can apply the performance band to a (3) new column, to show color, and/or to show the label.

Select Submit and View to submit your changes and view your report so far.

If you selected 'Show Color?' you will notice when viewing your report that the performance band colors will now be visible in the columns you set them on. If you selected 'Show Label?' the label of the band that a student's score represents will show (Advanced, Proficient, etc.). If you select 'New Column?' this information should have populated a new column on the report.

You can change these settings at any time via the Manage Columns tab.

Next Steps

For more information on creating Custom Reports, see the Help chapter titled, 'Custom Reports'.