Use Filters on a Custom Report

When creating a custom report, sometimes the purpose of the report is to present information about a specific student set. If you want to narrow down the data that is featured on your report, you may add filters to your data columns.

Where to Start

Where to Start

When in a Custom Report, select Filters. Make sure data has been added to the report prior to filtering.

Adding Filters

Adding Filters

Now, you need to specify how you want to narrow results.

1. To add a filter, click on the green + sign.

2. Select the data column you would like the filter to apply to.

3. Select the Field Operator, or rule, that the data column show follow. Depending on the data column selected, field operations may vary.

4. Enter a Filter Value to be used in conjunction with the Filter Operator you selected (above). For example, if you only want your reports to list students with a particular proficiency level (such as 4/Proficient and above), you would select 4 here.

5. Click Save Filters.

You will now see your filter displayed with your columns. You may repeat the above steps to add additional filters if you desire. To go back to your data columns, select Manage Data Columns.

Any column with a filter applied to it, will display this scope symbol on your Manage Data Columns page.

Click Saves Changes and View to see your report.

Tips and Tricks After Adding Data: The Sacred Six

The Sacred Six are data categories that must have their partner also added to the report to use as a filter and help you achieve the best, most accurate results. Please note, depending on the nature of the report, you may not need to add these columns of data.

  • If you added Enrollment<Grade Level, filter by Enrollment<Academic Year
  • If you added Teacher<Teacher Name, filter by Roster<Roster is Current
  • If you added Enrollment<Site Name, filter by Enrollment<Site Current

Typically these filters are hidden from the report in Manage Columns, since they are added to the report to assist in providing the most accurate data as opposed to displaying information that is needed.

Next Steps

If you are ready to share this report with others, you may advance to the Share tab. See the "Share with Others" lesson for more details.

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