Manage Columns on a Custom Report

This lesson will guide you through the process of modifying the data column arrangement on a Custom Report you've created.

Where to Start

Once you've added data to your report, you will have noticed Illuminate adds the data columns in the order you selected it. You may want to re-organize that in a different order after you've selected all the data you want. Within your Custom Report, click Manage Columns.

1. Hide- If selected you can "Hide" this column of data but it will still help to filter the data on the report.

2. Data Column Title- You can change the title of the columns to whatever you like.

3. Format- Allows you to convert data in the column to lower or upper case or round data.

4. Performance Bands- If linked to Performance Bands, select which you would like to use, as well as if you want them in a new column, show colors or show label.

5. Order- You can change the number in the box to re-order the columns as well us use the arrows to move them around. Clicking the up arrow move the column up one, the down arrow moves it down one, and hovering over the dual arrow lets you physically drag the column where you want it.

6. Delete?- Allows you to delete a column by selecting this checkbox.

7. Once your changes are made, click Save Changes (this will keep you on this page) or Save Changes and View Report to see the new order with all of your data.