Removing Duplicate Students in a Custom Report

If you see multiple rows for the same students or teachers, it is not an error. This is happening by design in the report builder when you select a piece of data for which the same student or teacher has multiple "answers," at which point a "multiple row" element is introduced.  Basically, the report is displaying all applicable data, though you may decrease this to 1 row per student or teacher if you wish.

For example, suppose your report displays Student ID, 2011 ELA CST Scale Score, and Teacher. A student has 1 student ID and 1 scale score from that particular test, so ordinarily he would display as only 1 row in your report, but if the same student has had multiple teachers over time you will see a row for each teacher.

Other systems make a "best guess" as to which piece of data (e.g., Phone Number) to display, but that approach is limiting and open to error. Illuminate's report builder offers you more control so you can view the data you want. If you want your report to show only 1 student or teacher per row, this lesson will show you how.

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Click Reports.

2. Under General, click List Reports.

3. Select the title of the report you would like to edit.

Pick Criteria for Filtering Data

Click Add Columns.


1. Data Type- Core Data

2. Categories- Class Rosters

3. Columns- Class Rosters: Roster is Current?

4. Add Columns.

Under Roster is Current? click Add filter and select "is true".

Click Submit and View.

Next Steps

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