Add Static Text on a Custom Report

This lesson will walk you through how to add the advanced feature of Static Text to a Custom Report. The Static Text option allows a user to create a column with the same value for each student record. This is great for creating a placeholder value needed for additional advanced features such as Form Letter or Labels. For example, let's say the value of "To Whom It May Concern" needs to be on the form letter attached to the Custom Report. If one cannot edit the original document or form letter, a Static Text value of "To Whom It May Concern" and add it to every student within the report. Now the value will become available to use.

Where to Start

This lesson assumes you are working on a custom report. See the "Create a Custom Report" lesson if you require help.

Advanced Tab

Advanced Tab

To create a Static Text column to a created report:

1. Click the Advanced tab

2. Then press Add a Static Text Column.

Add a Static Text Column

Add a Static Text Column

3. Type in a Display Name or the title that will be seen on the report.

4. Enter in the Static Text or value you wish to add to the report.

5. Select Save to confirm changes and additions made.

Note: The value will be applied to ALL students within the report. The Static Text cannot be assigned to certain students. If looking to assign values to individual studnets, visit Create, Edit, or Delete a Summary Assessment or Demographic.

Manage or Edit Static Text

1. To edit or change the Static Text column created, select Manage Columns.

2. The title or name of the column can be changed here. Notice the column has Static Text highlighted blue which when selected will return to the Advanced > Add a Static Text Column to edit and update both the title and value.

Next Steps

For any other information on creating Custom Reports, see the help chapter titled, 'Custom Reports'.

Want to learn how to make a Form Letter or Label? Check out Add a Form Letter to a Custom Report.