Single Student Profile Report

This lesson will guide you in generating and editing a Student Profile Report. Any changes you make to the Student Profile Report under your log-in will remain, by default, for any students for whom you view the same report. This report communicates a wide variety of data for a single student. See the "Generate Student Profile Report for Multiple Students" Help lesson if you want to generate this report for multiple students at once.

This lesson will also show you how to edit individual report "widgets." Each segment of the report preceded by a gray bar is referred to as a report "widget." A sample is shown in the "Edit or Remove a Report Widgets" step below.

Where to Start

There are two ways to search for a student.

1. To find a specific student by name or student ID, type the name/part of the name or ID in the search box, then click enter on your keyboard.

2. Click Students, then under General click Search 2.0.

Note: If you use the search box, you will either be taken directly to the Student's Demographic Details page or Student Profile page. In that case, skip to the VIew Report lesson. Otherwise, you will be presented with a list of students matching your search entry (see Results step).

Enter Search Criteria

Enter Search Criteria

1. Enter any criteria by which you'd like to search to narrow your results.

2. Click Search when done.



If your search criteria applies to more than one student, you will see a list of students. Click on the name of the student you want to view his or her report.

You will land on the Student Demographics page, you can navigate to the Student Profile in two ways:

1. Click on the Student's Name.

2. Click Quick Nav, and then press Student Profile.

View Report

View Report

You will now see a wide variety of information (e.g., state test scores, local assessment scores, scheduling, grades, contact information, and much more). If you do not see the Student Profile as shown above, you may be in the Student Demographics screen. In that case, click the Student Profile tab.

Edit or Remove a Report Widgets

Each segment of the report preceded by a gray bar (such as that reading, "CST -Overview" at the top of the image above) is referred to as a report "widget." Note some things you may do:

1. Select boxes to control what (e.g., particular subjects) displays.

2. Use a drop-down menu to control what (e.g., number of years) displays.

3. Click anywhere on the gray bar to "drag and drop" the widget up so that it appears elsewhere in the report. In other words, place your mouse cursor over it, "left-click" once but hold the click down, drag the widget to another location of the report (while still holding the click down), and then let go of the mouse.

4. Click the:

  • Arrow to minimize the widget so that the content of the widget is hidden but the gray bar/heading remains.
  • Pencil icon to change the name of the widget (e.g., to change  "CST -Overview" in the gray bar to something else).
  • X icon to remove the widget. The next step (below) will tell you how you may retrieve it again.

Add a Widget

Add a Widget

1. Click Add Widgets at the top of the report.

2. Click the widget you wish to add. It will be added to the bottom of the report.

Next Steps

Next Steps

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