Add a Form Letter to a Custom Report

You have the ability to attach your own customized form letter using our form letter setup tool.  If you’ve already used our layout tool with attendance letters, elementary report cards, and/or behavior letters, this tool will be familiar to you. This lesson will walk you through how to add your own customized form letter using information from a custom report.

Where to Start

Where to Start

If you have not already opened your report, do so now.  See the "Find a Report (Custom or Pre-Built)" lesson for more details.

Add a Form Letter

Add a Form Letter

Go to Form Letter and click Add...

Enter Form Letter Information

Enter Form Letter Information

1. Enter a Name for your letter. The red asterisk (*) next to Name indicates this field is required.

2. You may add an optional Description.

3. Click Save.

Upload PDF Template

Upload PDF Template

1. Click Choose File to open the appropriate file stored on your computer.

Note: We only support Adobe PDF formatted files, but any file type (Microsoft Word, Excel, etc.) can be turned into a pdf.

2. Click Save.

Edit Layout

Edit Layout

A green bar will tell you your overlay has been successfully updated, meaning your letter has been added as an overlay for other text or data that will be included in your letter.

Click on Layout to set up how data will map to different areas of your letter.

1. On the left, click any pre-defined field (a.k.a. block).

Note: If you try to select a block that you have already added, the block will flash in red with a note explaining that you have already added that block.

2. Drag the block (holding your click on your mouse down) to where you want the information to appear on your letter.

3. Release your mouse click when the field is in the spot you want.

Note: If you see an error message instead of the layout, it means you uploaded a non-pdf file.

Adjust the block to fit within your print area by placing your mouse over the lower-right corner of the block, clicking, and dragging/dropping the block's boundary's out or in before releasing your mouse click.

1. Click on the Formatting Palette icon to change font styles and alignment of your text in a single block or multiple blocks. To select a block(s), bring your mouse outside of a block(s), then click and drag over the block(s).

2. Once you release your mouse, the selected block(s) will turn green like the example above.

3. To remove a block, select a block and click Delete from the Formatting Palette.

The block alignment tools allows you to align multiple blocks for uniformity.

1. You can left, center, or right align the blocks.

2. You can top, center, bottom align the blocks.

3. You can adjust the height or width of the blocks. The tool will default to adjust to the tallest/widest block. If you hold your shift key as you click on the specific block alignment icon, the tool will adjust to the shortest/most narrow block.

When you're finished adding and formatting data blocks, click Save.

A Success message will tell you your pdf has been saved. Click OK.

Download Form Letter

Download Form Letter

Click Download to generate a file containing your form letter for each of your students.

Next Steps

See the "Edit a Custom Report" lesson to add additional blocks to your form letter. Also see the 'Mail Merge' lesson for a generic approach to mail merging.