Create a Custom Report

In DnA, it is easy to create your own custom report to meet your specific needs. While pre-built reports are also available, this lesson will show you how to create a report in which you specify which columns of data you want to include, add filters if you want to limit data appearing in the report, and more.

Where to Start

There are a few ways to get started and create a Custom Report:

  • From the Student Search 2.0 tool
  • From within an Assessment's Performance Widget
  • With a bit of magic in Magic Reports
  • From scratch in Reports

Student Search 2.0

Student Search 2.0

1. Click on the Students tab.

2. Under General, select Search 2.0.

1. Input any search criteria you would like based on the students you want to appear on your report (Grade Levels, Language Details, Contact, Special Ed, etc.). Click Search.  

2. Once you click Search, your list of students will generate at the bottom of the page.

3/4. From here, select Make This a Report to get started!

Assessment's Performance Widget

Assessment's Performance Widget

If wanting to create a custom report of a group of students from a particular performance level from an Assessment, find and select an assessment in Assessments > List Assessments.

1. In the Overall Performance, or if applicable, by Standard or by Question Group performance widgets, click and select to view a list of students.

2. When ready, select Create a Custom Report.

Note: Filters and Advanced Filters may be applied to your custom report due to the nature of linking from the assessment. For example, only students who achieved the chosen performance level Illuminator in Training in the assessment Are Your Smarter Than the Trainer? will show in the report. When adding data columns to the report, you may have to adjust filters and advanced filters to show accurate results.

Magic Reports

Magic Reports

If wanting to create a report using keywords, subjects, categories and data types quickly, then Create a Magic Report. Student information such as Student ID and Name, will automatically come over in the report.

1. Describe or type information you would like on your report and separate using commas.

2. Select Create a Report to start the magic.

3. Enter a new Title for the report

4. Review over the Suggested Columns, selecting and confirming Use Proposed or chose the correct data source. Notice the wizard shows you were data is coming from in the Category and Column sections, helping you learn where data is available.

5. Once reviewed and confirmed, select Build it!

Reports from Scratch

Reports from Scratch

You can also start a report from scratch, in Create a Report.

1. Create and enter a title for the report (required).

2. Provide a description of the report and what this report is about (optional).

3. Create and assign Tags or ways to categorize this report with keywords to find in your Report List (optional).

4. Select Submit to save and begin.

5. You will be directed immediately after saving to Add Columns, where you will add various data onto the report.

Please note, unlike the previous ways to begin a custom report, creating a report from scratch includes adding data such as Student ID, Student Name, and other report basics you may need.

Next Steps

After starting a report with one of the choices above, we will bring you to the Custom Report editor. From here, proceed with modifying your report using Filters, Managing Columns, and Adding Columns or Data.

Need to learn how to add data? Check out Adding Columns or data to a Custom Report.