Find a Prebuilt Report

In DnA, Prebuilt Reports provide you with access to reports that are prebuilt (and easy to run) to fulfill popular needs.

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Click on the Reports tab.

2. Click List Reports (Prebuilts & Custom Reports).

Select a Report

You will now see all your reports (i.e., pre-built reports, reports you created, and reports others created and shared with you) listed at the bottom of your screen. Note some things you may choose to do:

1. You will probably want to use filters to more easily find the report you want. The next step will show you how to do this.

2. If you wish to hide a report (e.g., if someone shared it with you but you don't plan to use it and don't want it to clutter your report list), check the Hide? box in front of it and then click Save.

3. You may click the Duplicate icon in front of a report to make a copy that then belongs to you (meaning you may then edit it without impacting the original).

4. Click any report's title to open/access it.

5. Click the up (˄) or down (˅) arrows next to any column header to sort reports by that criteria in ascending or descending order.

6. Click a download icon to download your reports list as a Microsoft Excel workbook (xls), Adobe Reader (pdf), text document, or data (xml) file.

7. If you want to only list reports that contain a particular word or phrase, type it in the Search field and give the list a moment to update.

8. If you want to change the number of reports listed on your screen at once (e.g., if you have access to a lot of assessments), use the Show drop-down menu to select a different number.

9. You may choose the page number and Next and Last buttons to scroll through your list of reports.

Choose Specifics

Choose Specifics

Work from left-to-right when making selections from drop-down menus.

1. Depending on the report you select, you will see a variety of drop-down menus from which you can make more specific selections to narrow down the results contained in the report. You may get as specific as you like. Work left-to-right, as sometimes your selections populate other drop-down menus to the right of them.

2. Select a Department, Course, Teacher, Class or Student if you want to narrow your results.  You can select more than one in each area if you desire.

3. After you are pleased with your selections, click View in browser to see the data live in your web browser or Download to PDF/Excel if you want to save the report.

Next Steps

Next Steps

After exploring all the pre-builts available, you might want to also build custom reports. The lesson "Create a Custom Report" will help you accomplish this.