Edit a Custom Report

In DnA, it is easy to edit your custom report to meet your specific needs.

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Click Reports.

2. Under General, click List Reports.

3. You can filter by type by selecting Custom Report and clicking Search. This will allow you to view just to view your custom reports.

4. Select the Title of the report.

Click on Any Tab You Need

Click on whichever tab will lead to the type of changes you want to make:

View - This tab will show you your custom report.

Edit Title - Here you can modify your report's title and/or description.

Add Columns - Here you can add additional columns of data to your report and/or remove columns.

Manage Columns - Here you can remove, move, and/or change the label of any column in your report. You can also add filters here to narrow the data that is contained in your report.

Sorting - This tab will let you change the default column(s) by which your rows are sorted. You will still be able to change the sort order when viewing the report, but this will let you set up the report so that it automatically (initially) sorts by one column of data you select, and then by another, and so on.

Share - This tab allows you to share your report with others, not share your report with others, and change the permissions of those with access to your report.

Charts- This tab allows you to generate charts to go with the data you have on your report.

Form Letter- This tab allows you to create a form letter to reflect this report.

Advanced- This tab allows you to use Grouping, Change the Author, Duplicate and use Advanced Filters.

Next Steps

Next Steps

Now reference the lesson (e.g., "Edit a Custom Report Data Column") that pertains to the tab you select.