Using Custom Reports with Mail Merge

Before You Start

This example shows how to create labels using mail merge.

You need two things before you begin the mail merge process.
- You will need your data file. This most often is an Excel document. In Illuminate, you can export reports to Excel.
- You will need to know the label type. This allows the mail merge to format the label based on the size of the label.

Basic Steps

Mail merge will take you through a step by step process to complete the process. Your process may be a little different based on the word processor you use.

Here are the steps:
- Select the label type you will use when printing your labels.
- Select the file that has the information you want to insert into your document. Typically, this is an Excel file.
- Arrange your label.
- Preview your label.
- Confirm the merge and print your labels.

These steps can also be used to create form letters, envelopes, certificates, etc.

The screen shots in the following steps show Microsoft Office 2010 for Windows on the left and Microsoft Word 2011 for Mac on the right.

Select Your Label Option

You will open a word document to begin. Choose the option for a label. Pick the label vendor and product number you plan to use.

Select Your Excel File

You will browse to your Excel file that contains the student/parent information for the label.

Arrange Your Label

You will use the columns from your Excel file to arrange your label.

Preview Labels

You can preview your label to make sure everything looks the way you want. If you want to make changes, return to the previous step.

Complete Merge and Print Labels

When you complete the merge, you will have a label for each student/parent. You may choose to print your labels at this time or save the file for later use.

Next Steps

For specific information on how to mail merge using your word processor, refer to the help documentation that came with your program. In addition, here are some sites that may assist you.

For Windows:

For Mac: