Dynamic Custom Report Widget

This lesson will guide you through the setup of a Dynamic Custom Report Widget. This widget allows users to define a Custom Report as a stand alone Widget for the Student Profile Report.  A good example of this would be if a user wants all of their teachers to see NWEA data on a Student Profile without having to add a custom report widget and select the report by hand.

NOTE: This widget is permission controlled.

The Dynamic Custom Report Widget only works when the custom report is already created, AND the column for local student ID must be in the report, AND grouping can NOT be applied to the report, in order for the option to appear in the “edit title” window.

Where to Start

1. Create a Custom Report (Reports > Create a Report). Make sure the report has the Local Student ID column in the report, before continuing to step 2.

2. Flag the Custom Report as "Dynamic Custom Report Widget?" to "Yes" in the 'Edit Title' page of the Custom Report. (If you do not see the button, refer to the alert above).

3. Click Submit and create your report.


4. Share the Custom Report with the users you want to have the widget by clicking Share and selecting the users from the dropdown menu. Click Save.

Viewing the Widget

Viewing the Widget

5. Access a Student Profile (Search 2.0 > Student Name > Quick Nav: Student Profile) and notice there is a widget that automatically shows.

Note: This report will show up as a widget option on the student profile with the report title as the widget title.  Also, when the report is shared it will show up in the report list for end users who get permission to the report.

Next Steps

For more information on this widget, check out this video demonstration.