Add Translations on a Custom Report

This lesson will guide you through using the advanced feature 'Translations' on a custom report. Basically, this allows you to change what you would like a report to state in a specific data column you have chosen to feature on the report. For example, if the data in the report says 'Special Education Program' and you want to translate it to 'SPED', translations in custom reports will allow you to do this.

Where to Start

Where to Start

Once in your custom report:

1. Click on Advanced.

2. Select Translations.

1. Report Column- Which column would you like this translation to apply to?

2. Translate from- What is it currently going to state in this column?

3. Translate to- What would you actually like the column to state?

4. Click Submit.

Temporarily Disable Translations- This allows you to  "Turn off/on" the translations feature without losing any of your data.

For example, in the Report Column 'Gender' I would like Male to be translated to M.

The blank drop down menu under 'Translate From', is used if you would like to change blank fields in a column to a specific character or word, or all other untranslated values to one column to a uniform character or word.

Once you've clicked Submit, your translation will show up in a list at the bottom of the page.

What's Next?

From the list you can use the pencil/paper icon to edit the translation. You may also delete it using the red delete button at the far right. To see your translation within your report, click 'View' at the top of your screen.