Data & AssessmentAssessments: Summary and Demographic Data EntryNEW-Enter or Edit Summary Assessment or Demographic Data

NEW-Enter or Edit Summary Assessment or Demographic Data

You can always change any summary assessment or demographic created by someone who has specifically given you the "Can Administer" permission. The Data tab will allow you to add, remove, or change data.

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. If your assessment is not open, click Assessments.

2. Under General, click List Assessments.  Select your assessment.

3. Select the Responses tab.

You may return to this screen at a later time, and as many separate times as you need.

1.  You may need to select the School, Department, Teacher, Course or Section depending on your role.

2.  Click Submit to load the list of students.

Enter Data

Enter Data

1.  Enter scores directly into the appropriate column. You can use your arrow keys to navigate as you might in Excel. If a pre-filled score was assigned to this column of data, an arrow featuring a dropdown menu to select will display. Filldown also works just as in Excel.

A box will be highlighted in red if there is a data entry error (i.e. the data entered is above/below what has been set as the scoring points).

2. Add another column of data for a student by clicking the + sign next to their name. To delete a column of data, click on the trash can.

3. Clicking the crossed arrows will take you into Full Screen mode for data entry.

4. Press Save often.