Data & AssessmentAssessments: Summary and Demographic SetupCreate, Edit, or Delete a Summary Assessment or Demographic

Create, Edit, or Delete a Summary Assessment or Demographic

In DnA, you can create a location for entering and tracking scores or demographics. For example, Oral Language Development scores, Writing score data (Rubric scores, Accuracy, Comprehension Level, and so on), etc. You can even use summary assessments to track fees, text book numbers, input notes about students, etc. The steps for creating a summary assessment or demographic are the same.

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. Click Assessments

2. Under General, click Create a New Summary Assessment or Create a New Demographic.

Enter/Edit Summary Assessment/Demographic Information

Enter/Edit Summary Assessment/Demographic Information

The more specific you get in this area, the easier it will be to find your assessment or demographic later using filters.

1. Enter a Title.

2. It is optional to enter a Description. The description will not tie to filters but can contain any information you find helpful.

3. It is also optional to enter the First Date Administered.

4.To help with filtering, select  Subject, Scopes, and Grade Levels.

5. Click Save.

To edit this info at any time, simply click Information.

Determine/Edit Columns

Determine/Edit Columns

This is where you will add one column per score type. Note that you can come back to this step numerous times.

Adding or Creating Columns

1. Click + Add a New Column.

2. Enter the Column Name that will help you and/or others understand what type of scores are in the column.

  •   Date allows a drop down calendar to pick the date.
  •   Number allows a numerical value to be entered.  This field helps in filtering a custom report to use integers or greater than/less than options, applying performance bands, and adding calculations.
  •   Text allows any number/letter combination as well as complete sentences.
  •   Boolean allows for T/F drop down entry.  In custom reporting this allows filtering for "Is true or Is false."

3. Pick the Column Type that best describes the type of data you want to enter in the column.

4. After you have completed the above steps as many times as needed, click Save.

Managing and Editing Columns

  • To edit existing columns, click Columns. You can only change the label or name of a column and its Column Value, if applicable. To change the Column Type, you need to delete the column and add a new one.
  • To add columns, click + Add a New Column.
  • To change the position of the columns, use the arrow to"drag and drop" a column in a different location.
  • To delete a column, click the trash can.
  • When you are finished, click Save.

Enter/Edit Student Data

You may return to this screen at a later time if needed, and as many separate times as you need to enter or edit your student's results.

1. Click Responses, then NEW Enter/Edit. Depending on your role, you may need to select from the drop down menus to filter for select students,thenclick Submit.

2. Once on this screen, note a few options:

  • The Pencil/Paper icon allows you to enter data ONLY for that student
  • The + icon allows you to add an additional line for data entry on this student
  • To delete the record of information for the student, select the trashcan icon

There are two ways to enter/edit student data from this point.

Enter Data by Column

Enter Data by Column

Enter Responses by Column- Enter student responses one question at a time for a whole class, section, etc. Note the Filldown feature at the top of the page.

Enter Data by Student

Enter Data by Student

Enter Responses by Student- Enter a whole assessment's worth of responses for one student at a time. Note the Filldown feature at the top of the page.

Delete a Summary Assessment or Demographic

As the author, you can delete or remove an assessment from your account:

  • To delete, click List Assessments from the Assessments tab. Find the assessment you would like to delete and click on the check box (1) to the left of the table.
  • Once the box has been checked, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Edit Selected Assessments dropdown menu to select Delete Selected Assessments (2).
  • Click Submit (3) to confirm your task. This will delete the summary assessment and/or demographic and all associated data.

CAUTION: It will also remove and delete the assessment and its data with other users you have shared this assessment with.

Next Steps

Next Steps

Now that you have created your summary assessment or demographic, you might be interested in the lesson "Share an Assessment".