Data & AssessmentAssessments: Summary and Demographic SetupFind a Summary Assessment or Demographic

Find a Summary Assessment or Demographic

Any summary assessments you create and any summary assessments that are shared with you can be easily found, filtered, and listed.

Where to Start

Where to Start

1. If your assessment is not open, click Assessments

2. Under General, click List Assessments.

View Your List

You will now see all your assessments (including summary assessments and demographics) listed at the bottom of your screen. Note some things can may choose to do:

1. Click the up (˄) or down (˅) arrows next to any column header to sort summary assessments by that criteria in ascending or descending order.

2. Click any summary assessment's title to open/access it.

3 Click a download icon to download your assessment list as a Microsoft Excel workbook (xls), Adobe Reader (pdf), text document, or data (xml) file.

4. If you  want to only list assessments that contain a particular word or phrase, type it in the Search field and then press Enter on your keyboard.

If you want to change the number of assessments listed on your screen at once (e.g., if you have access to a lot of assessments), use the Show drop-down menu at the bottom to select a different number.

Filter Your List

Filter Your List

You may opt to use no, one, or multiple filters to more easily find the summary assessment you are looking for (particularly if you have a long list of assessments).

1. Simply click any desired descriptors of your assessment. For example, you could select "Summary Assessment" and "English Language Arts" if you wanted to find English Language Arts summary assessments. To unselect any criterion, simply click it again so that it is no longer highlighted in blue.

2. After all your desired criteria is selected (and thus highlighted in blue), click Search.

Notice how the list at the bottom of your screen has now narrowed to only feature summary assessments that fit the criteria you selected.

Next Steps

Next Steps

If you cannot find the Summary Assessment or Demographic you are looking for, refer to the "Having Trouble Finding an Assessment" Help document.